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James Robinson and Philip Tan Bring He-Man to DC Comics This July

By the Power of Grayskull, indeed!

Holy cow! Where was I when this was first announced? (Probably recording our podcast). More importantly, why the heck hasn't James Robinson ever hinted that he had this cooking?

DC has announced that this July, Robinson and Philip Tan will be giving us a six-issue miniseries for the Masters of the Universe.

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According to DC:

In the new series, Robinson reintroduces the Masters of the UniverseĀ® to comic readers with Skeletor having won a major victory and rewriting the world of Eternia where he now rules from Castle Grayskull and the Masters have no memory of their former glory. Adam is a simple woodsman haunted by dreams of a heroic warrior, wielding a powerful sword in battle. He is found by a mysterious sorceress who tells him his dreams are of the way the world should be, that he is Eternia's champion He-Man. Adam sets off on a quest to regain his power and reawaken the Masters of the Universe.

He-Man is definitely a strange character. I can't say I'm the biggest He-Man fan but I am so freaking excited over seeing Robinson and Tan do this story.