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J. Michael Straczynski Prepares to Enter the Twilight Zone

A new series based on the television show is headed our way.

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The Twilight Zone as a comic might seem a little odd at first. After thinking about it, it's a great idea. The original show was all about the stories being told. That's exactly what we could get here. Dynamite Entertainment has announced they have signed a deal with CBS Consumer Products to create new stories and have signed J. Michael Straczynski to write them.

"One of the most deeply satisfying and creatively exciting experiences I've had in 25 years of writing for television and film was my stint on the new Twilight Zone television series," says Straczynski. "I've been a fan of the original series since I was tall enough to reach for the TV tuner. So I was profoundly excited when Nick Barrucci came to me with the possibility of doing the new Twilight Zone comic to come out from Dynamite."

Too often comics can fall into the same rut. Having a comic series focusing on the story aspect is a great idea. Millions of viewers tuned into the show and it's still regarded as a unique television series.

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Straczynski also said the following:

"The immediate creative question to be resolved was: how do you transplant or adapt the TV anthology format into comic form? Individual stand-alone issues don't give the issue-to-issue continuity you need to consistently bring in modern readers, and if it's a year long arc, it's not an anthology. The solution: three four-issue arcs that are connected by theme, character, and location... so that in reading one arc you get one side of the story, with its own supernatural or science-fiction elements, then you turn the character around to another character in that sequence who has his or her own story for the next four issues... and then at the end, you connect all of these individual stories into one overlapping tapestry, so you could literally view the book as individual stories as initially published, or layer the pages to create one big story. It's a cool structure that I'm not sure has been attempted before, so this will be an awful lot of fun. I'm very excited to be working with Nick and his team on this book, and hope folks will check out the books when they come out."

We'll have to wait for more information to find out when this will be released.