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Itching For A New 'The Walking Dead' Story?

Kirkman to release new 'The Walking Dead' short story in 'The Living Dead 2' anthology

If you cannot get enough of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, and can't wait for the premiere of the AMC television series based on the successful graphic novel, then you are definitely in luck. Robert Kirkman will be returning to give his fans a taste of 'walking dead' in the upcoming anthology The Living Dead 2, edited by John Joseph Adams. The collection will feature both original and reprinted zombie stories from a variety of writers including Kirkman. Kirkman's featured short story is titled Alone, Together, an original, never before seen story set in The Walking Dead universe and is also the first time Kirkman's work has been published outside the graphic novel format. 

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 If you are like many who have read all of The Walking Dead books and have been itching to get their hands on more of Kirkman's zombie goodness, then you should definitely check out his new story featured in The Living Dead 2. If you need a taste of what to expect, then check out the excerpt which was given exclusively to Isotope Comics courtesy of Night Shade Books. In celebration of The Walking Dead and zombies in general, Isotope Comics will be giving away Amelia Beamer's The Loving Dead with every purchase of The Living Dead 2. Don't live in the bay area? No need to feel left out. If you order from the Night Shade Books website and enter “Isotope” in the coupon code box, they will get you a free copy of Amelia Beamer The Loving Dead. Don't you love your local comic shop? I know I do!  
I am pretty excited to check out Kirkman's very first published short story, and even more excited that the story will take place in The Walking Dead universe. Do you think you'll give his short story a chance? Will you check out the new book? Check out the excerpt above and let us know what you think!