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Is UNCANNY X-FORCE's Archangel Headed For Comic Book Limbo?

With the end of 'The Dark Angel Saga' around the corner, will Warren be missing from the pages of Marvel comics?

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Big things are going down in Marvel's UNCANNY X-FORCE, and if you picked up issue #17 yesterday then you know that the events in the 'Dark Angel Saga' story arc are certainly coming to a head. Pair that with the two teasers we've seen from Marvel both yesterday and today, and we can speculate about what's soon to go down.

If you haven't been following, you've been missing out on one of the most exciting X-Men stories to come out of Marvel in a very long time. The series, which is being crafted by creative team Rick Remender and Jerome Opena has been absolutely brilliant. The story is, surprisingly, not as predictable as many that Marvel has been dishing out lately (FEAR ITSELF, anyone) and that's what's kept so many people hooked to the story.

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It was revealed in the beginning of the current X-FORCE series that Warren Worthington was finally able to alternate between Angel and Archangel at will; shifting into the metallic wings and blue skin that had originally been bestowed upon him by Apocalypse when Apoc promised Worthington his life, and tricked him into becoming his Horseman of Death. It was only with Psylocke's help and meditation that Warren was able to keep his dark persona in check, but gradually over the course of the series, Warren has seemingly lost all control of his sanity.

For those who haven't been keeping up (shame on you), Warren has fully succumbed to his dark side and has accepted that he is the new Apocalypse. After rounding up his new Horsemen, and (temporarily) brainwashing Psylocke and getting rid of most of X-Force, it seemed all was, well lost. The team, which primarily works in the shadows and outside the knowledge of the rest of the Marvel Universe, has been in a pretty tight spot the last few issues -- until issue #17 hit yesterday.

Now, with the help of the Age of Apocalypse X-Men (Jean Grey, Nightcrawler) they are back on their feet and it appears that they have a much better shot at taking out Archangel and his Horsemen. The question remains, is this the end of the line for Warren Worthington? Has he completely been stifled by the power of Apocalypse? After the end of issue #18, and the final part of The Dark Angel Saga, will Warren be thrust once more into comic book limbo?

Two teasers were released by Marvel both yesterday and today to promote issue #18 of UNCANNY X-FORCE, due to hit store shelves on December 7th. Yesterday was titled "You Are A Grave Disappointment" and showed what appeared to be Dark Beast blasting up and away from Archangel. Is this in reference to Archangel's failure in carrying out his duties as the heir of Apocalypse? Today's teaser, however, picks up where the final scene of yesterday's issue (UNCANNY X-FORCE #17) left off; where Psylocke and Fantomex are ready to take on Archangel. Unfortunately for Fantomex, however, it doesn't look like he'll be breathing for very long.

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The best way to gauge whether or not a character will be sticking around is to look at the promotional images that Marvel has put out over the course of the last several months. Back in September we reported that the next phase of Marvel's X-Men universe will be X-Men: Regenisis, and that's when we saw a lot of promotional images for the books. By December, the current X-FORCE team will be no more as Wolverine and Archangel will both be missing from the roster, and the team will get a new member; Nightcrawler. After looking at all the teaser reveals, Warren Worthington is nowhere to be found, meaning that his demise is probably pretty likely. This is rather unfortunate, actually, considering the role he's had in the last few issues has been more prominent than any he's played since the Crimson Dawn mini-series. What do you think, though? Do you like Warren? Are you enjoying the part he's played in the current UNCANNY X-FORCE story line? Will you be sad to see him go?

I am still holding out hope for Warren. I hope he gets to stick around after issue #18 of UNCANNY X-FORCE, even if that means he's playing the bad guy. What do you think?