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Is Superman Un-American?

Does the decisions Superman makes in Action Comics 900 make him less of an American?

"Truth, Justice, and the American way." It's a part of Superman and why he protects humans. He's always been a symbol of American patriotism simply because he landed in America. He's always fought for Americans in tough times, and characters within the DC Universe think of Superman as the ultimate symbol for America.

This brings us to the events of Action Comics #900. This issue is taking a lot of heat and it's not because of Superman essentially fighting God in Lex Luthor format. In fact, the story in the book taking all said heat isn't even the main story; it's a back-up one. In the story called "The Incident" written by David S. Goyer and drawn by Miguel Sepulveda, as seen below, Superman takes non-violent action in the Middle East by demonstrating against the Iranian government. He comes back to America, and says this:

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A new wave of patriotism has hit America today as the President of the United States announced, last night, that the man responsible for the attacks of 9/11 has been killed. That being said, because of what Superman said in issue #900 of Action Comics, there's a lot of anti-Superman ranting going on. But does this act of defiance make him un-America? I say "NO" in caps, so you know I mean business.

In the comics, Superman has saved American cities, and the world, a countless number of times. He's stood up for the little guy, kept your kids off of drugs, and stopped numerous aliens from taking over. Now, that he essentially states that he's the World's Protector and not just America's, people get offended? As Superman states above, he doesn't feel like a defender as much as a tool for the American government, and he's had enough of it. He's not anti-American. He's pro-Earth. The fact that what separates us is imaginary lines on a globe and minor tweeks in culture, yet the fact we're all so "cliquey" is pretty outrageous. Superman gets that. It's not about American rights. It's about human rights and standing up for "truth, justice, and the Earth way." On the grand scale of things the world is too small, and we are all connected.

And let us all truly remember who Superman is, an illegal alien...alien. He's not human, and the only reason he's so connected to the United States of America is because he accidentally landed here. If he has an allegiance to anything, it's to the people and planet of Krypton. He came to Earth, saved Americans a countless number of times, and now that he realizes that his fight is bigger than just this country, people think he's a traitor? It's mind boggling.

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I understand that Superman isn't real. He's a fictional character, but there's still a point within all this. It's time this planet starts coming together as a species. We're all roughly the same biologically, yet so many hate each other because of their culture. It is ridiculous that we all just can't come together as a species. This short David Goyer story says that an so much more in just two panels. Maybe I'm over-analyzing a simple story of defiance and hope for fellow man, but in the same light, many people are quick to jump down the writer's throat for expressing these things. What do you guys think? Is Superman Un-American for renouncing his U.S. Citizenship?

~Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, writer, teacher, comic store employee, and proud half-American, half-Canadian.