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Is Red Robin #12 The End Of The Road For Tim?

This issue is said to have all the answers.

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We've been watching Tim run around the world in search of Bruce Wayne for nearly a year now. From the first issue, he's been certain that Bruce was still alive. We've never really known why he felt this way and if it was just his gut instinct. Tim has also majorly pissed off Ra's al Ghul in issue #8. In issue #9, Ra's let Tim know that it's "game on" now. 
The other day, DC revealed some information about issue #12. Based on the cover, things don't look too good for Tim. Here's the synopsis: Every single moment of the last year has led to this fight between Red Robin and Ra’s al Ghul. 

Who has Ra’s been talking to all this time in the shadows? Why was Lucius Fox so desperate to find Tim Drake? And why was Tim so certain that Bruce Wayne is alive in issue #1? All questions are answered. 

Looks like we will be getting some answers. What will the price be for Tim? Issue #12 is on sale May 5. We know The Return Of Bruce Wayne is also coming out in May (it was pushed back, issue #1 is due on May 12 and #2 on May 26). Will Tim survive long enough to see Bruce return? One of the questions we've had is will Tim continue as Red Robin once Bruce does return?  
I did interview writer Chris Yost last June, right before issue #1 came out. From the beginning, he's had the first 12 issues planned out. 

 [T]he first year was my pitch, which leads into a natural second year.    

I wonder if his original ending for issue #12 holds. Since he mentioned a "natural second year," maybe we can rest assured that Tim will live long enough to be reunited with Bruce. But how ironic would it be if Tim died before that could happen? The same could be said with Dick. Do you think it's going to be a happy reunion when Bruce returns?