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Iron Man's Fate in Civil War II Revealed

Marvel has launched two new Iron Man series and neither has Tony Stark wearing the armor. Now it's clear why that is.

The Marvel Universe is currently experiencing a second Civil War. An Inhuman has surfaced with the ability to predict the future. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has made it her mission to apprehend individuals involved in those predictions before they are able to commit any foul deeds. Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, disagrees and feels it's a violation of the individuals' rights. The two have been at odds since.

Marvel has released two new Iron Man series: Invincible Iron Man and Infamous Iron Man. The first series features 15-year-old Riri Williams. The second deals with Doctor Doom taking on the mantle of Iron Man. Both series take place after Civil War II and readers have only been given hints about the absence of Tony Stark. With the release of Civil War II #7, it appears we finally have some answers to Stark's fate.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Civil War II #7 below.

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The latest prediction showed Miles Morales (Spider-Man) killing Captain America. Carol immediately wanted to place Miles under arrest which lead to a group of heroes on Carol and Tony's side fighting each other. Captain America decided to allow Miles to leave when he said he had no intentions of killing him. Trying to deal with the impact of the vision, Miles decides to go to the scene of the supposed crime to hopefully prove he's not going to kill the Captain, who also decided to show up.

As the two heroes talk, Carol arrives and tries to convince Miles to go into protective custody with her. As she reaches out to him, everyone is surprised to find a force field appear in front of Miles. Tony Stark is there in a new and massive suit. Saying he gave her one last chance to give up her crusade, he pushes towards an attack.

After weeks of tension and fighting between them, things soon escalate. Carol delivers a massive blow to Iron Man in a fashion very similar to when Thanos killed War Machine in the events that kicked off this comic event.

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What does this mean for Tony Stark?

A punch like that isn't something a normal person can walk away from. In the pages of Infamous Iron Man #1, Doom discovered Stark downloaded his brain into a digital projection "in case [his] bodily functions failed [him]." In Invincible Iron Man #1, Riri Williams mentions Tony Stark is gone just when she was getting to know him. She also receives Stark's digital form to serve as the A.I. in her suit of armor.

It's not fully clear if Tony Stark is actually dead. Tony Stark's recent girlfriend even had her doubts when Doctor Doom paid her a visit.

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Comic book characters die and miraculously return from the dead all the time. What we do know is Tony Stark is out of the picture. He is no longer Iron Man and won't be around anytime soon. Doctor Doom and Riri Williams will take his place for the time being.