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Iron Man Joins the War in October

It's another day in the week so that means it's time for another "This is War" teaser from Marvel.

Are you ready for another "This is War" teaser from Marvel?

On Monday we saw two teasers, one with a smashed up Mjolnir and the other with Wolverine. Yesterday we saw that Captain America's shield was going to be getting bloody. Today, Marvel has released a fourth teaser with Iron Man taking the spotlight.

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Looks a little painful.

All we know is more information will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con during the Amazing Spider-Man panel on Sunday, July 15. It seems odd that it will be during a Spider-Man panel and we haven't even seen Spider-Man in any of the teasers. My money is this has to do with the Ultron War teased in early issues of AVENGERS and POINT ONE.