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"Iron Man" In IMAX?!

Jon Favreau talks about the future of the film...


Perhaps it's because Jon Favreau managed to bring one of my absolute favorite womanizing Superhero's to the big screen that I have nothing but absolute admiration for the man. I seriously can't contain my excitement over the sequel to the Iron Man film, but I digress!

Jon Favreau really seems to love telling the story of Superheroes and bringing comic book characters to the big screen. In fact, he likes it so much that he is contemplating Iron Man 3, already! According to an interview he had with MTV news, Favreau hopes to make either Iron Man 3 or The Avengers movie in 3D. Bringing the Marvel characters not only to the big screen, but to IMAX would be pretty incredible; and it would make for some really insane action sequences. Additionally, Iron Man 2 is set for release next May, which means that the film maker has plenty of time to take it to IMAX if he wishes to do that. Check out the interview with Favreau and let us know what you think!