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The Shellhead gets animated...

When we reported on the interview Marvel’s corporate people did with the Naperville Sun last week, we glossed over a cool bit of news. Perhaps it was because of the ice-cool, matter- of-act way it was brought up.  Either way, Iron Man will joining ASTONISHING X-MEN in the land of animated sequential art with his very own motion comic, IRON MAN EXTREME.

 Do you see a resemblance, perhaps?
 Do you see a resemblance, perhaps?
Rather than being a totally radical revamp of the shellhead for the kids like GI: JOE EXTREME and EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS were, this project will be an adaption of the EXTREMIS storyline from 2005 that was done by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov. The storyline included an updated retcon of Iron Man’s origin, making Tony Stark an arms dealer who sold munitions in Afghanistan before being kidnapped by al Qaeda  and subsequently becoming the armored vigilante we all know and love. The redesign of his armor therein, of course, would become the basis for the look of movie IRON MAN.  

Once again, I think it’s fitting that Iron Man would be getting his own motion comic, as his cartoon debut in the 60s basically was a motion comic, already. Set your optic sensors on this clip from said series below which, fittingly, deals with Black Widow and Crimson Dynamo in their earliest incarnations as Soviet super-spies. Both characters will, of course, be appearing in IRON MAN 2, but this time with 50 odd years of development, redefinitions and reinterpretations behind them (I.E. Crimson Dynamo has been merged with Whiplash in the movie.)  

With all this talk of motion comics, I figure the question now goes to you, oh fully-animated Comic Vine community? What specific storylines would you like to see get the motion comic treatment? I think it’d be absolutely bananas to try it with crossover like say CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS or THE INFINITY GAUNTLET. Why, there’d be so many characters to handle, it might even kill the animators!

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