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Interview with NYX writer Marjorie Liu live from Comic-Con

A nice talk by the docks of San Diego

As I told Marjorie on our walk to a quiet place away from the madness of Comic-Con, I really liked the first NYX series.  I felt it went under the radar.  Probably because the "X" didn't come first in the title.  Also let's not forget who came out of this series, a young character by the name of X-23.  I was really excited when I first heard that NYX was finally returning, even if only as a mini-series.  I don't want this series to fall under the radar again.  I know there are a few people here that feel the same I do.  After seeing Marjorie on the X-Men panel, I made sure we could get some time to talk about this and herself.

Comic Vine:  You're a sci-fi/romance novelist, how did you get involved on NYX?

Marjorie Liu:  I loved the X-Men cartoon.  I started out writing fan fiction then checked out the comics.  I think it was with "Operation Zero Tolerance."  I think Carlos Pacheco did the art.  I've been reading for about twelve years.  I was drawn in.  I couldn't stop reading.  I loved the art, the writing, the characters.  I started reading the trades and back issues.  Then I moved on to the Punisher and Deadpool.  Each week my stack of comics got bigger and bigger.  I was put off on holidays when the comics wouldn't come out until Thursday.

X-Men: Dark Mirror
X-Men: Dark Mirror
One day when meeting with my agent, her son was dressed as Spider-Man.  I told him, 'I love the X-Men.'  My agent knew an editor that was getting authors to write novels based on comics.  Everyone wanted Spider-Man.  I wanted the X-Men.  I came up with a space invasion epic with Skrulls.  Marvel wanted something more accessible to new readers.  I then came up with the X-Men being body snatched.  Jean Grey woke up in the body of a six foot tall African male in an insane asylum.  Wolverine was in a woman's body.  The story also had Rogue, Scott and Nightcrawler.  They were all being controled by a psychic who wanted revenge agains the X-Men.  It was fun writing.

The book got positive feedback.  At the New York Comic-Con I began a three year conversation trying to find the right property to work on.  I did a proposal for NYX.  I sent in a sample script.  I wanted to prove that I could do it.  I needed to work a little more on but they liked my dialogue and hold on the characters.  I was dealing with John Barber.  It was a fantastic experience.

Comic Vine:  How does it feel to be writing a book that [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Joe Quesada worked on?

Marjorie:  I honestly haven't thought about it.  There was no pressure.  I just want the story to be good.  I wrote the best story I could.  I haven't met him yet.  There haven't been any complaints.  I geuss that's a good thing.

NYX #1
NYX #1
Comic Vine:  How many issues have you written so far?

Marjorie:  I have all six scripted out.  I haven't written them all yet.  All the characters will be back.

Comic Vine:  Any new characters?

Marjorie:  The villains will be new.  I really wanted to get into the characters.  I wanted questions answered.  Why was Kiden's father so set on them saving those particular people?  I want to to answer all the questions.  At the end they will all be answered.

With the number 198, there are so few mutants left.  Here's three or four kids running around New York.  Are mutants to be feared or treated as commodities?  Are they just to be tossed aside?

There's also their individual powers.  Kiden's stop time power and how she could injure someone makes her very dangerous and powerful.  She treats it in a flimsy manner.  She really hasn't thought about it.   Bobby's power to possess people or Catiana's ability to transform into something by it's blood, it's all dangerous.  They haven't been pushed far enough to see how dangerous they can be.

I want to get into their heads.  Like Bobby (issue #3 is his issue).  Why is he so protective of his brother?  How does he feel about living with the girls.  They all have reasons why their together but none of [the reasons] are the same.

Nothing like a free meal...
Nothing like a free meal...
Comic Vine:  In your last panel, you mentioned you'll be working on something else.  When will we get the announcement?

Marjorie:  Probably in a couple months.

Comic Vine:  You mentioned new villains.

Marjorie:  The bad guys will be mostly new but it won't be focused so much on villains.  Someone does want to sabotage what little they have.  It's all taken away in the first issue.  They'll be trying to find their footing.  They're used to doing things on their own.

Comic Vine:  How much time has passed between this and the first series?

Marjorie:  About six months to a year.  They've gotten into a routine of living with one another. 

Things won't be easy...
Things won't be easy...
Comic Vine:  You mentioned on our walk over here that this is your second Comic-Con.  What's been the most shocking thing you've seen?

Marjorie:  Nothing out of the ordinary for here.  I guess a guy dressed in nothing but a loin cloth. 
[Although on our way back to the Marvel booth, we saw two apes from "Planet of the Apes" beating on a guy...and he came up smiling.]
Also how serious people take their stuff, the freebies. 

Comic Vine:  How does this convention compare with your convention next week [Romance Writers of America]?

Marjorie:  I really like meeting new people in the industry.  It's more than just a learning experience.  I learn more about the industry but I love seeing old friends.  It's more fun, less business.  It has a different tone.

Comic Vine:  Okay, last question.  If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Marjorie:  Hmm...I'd probably get bored with one.  I think healing.  I'd like to be able to heal others.  That'd be useful.

And with that, we talked a little more and walked back to see that man being beaten by apes...and enjoying it.  NYX: No Way Home  #1 hits the stands August 6.  Make sure you pick it up.