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Interview: Tony Bedard Discusses Kara Zor-El for SECRET ORIGINS

Bedard lets us know what we can expect from his upcoming story in SECRET ORIGINS.

Coming in April, from DC comics, is a new on-going series that delves into the origins of some of the world's greatest super-heroes called SECRET ORIGINS! Each issue will feature the origins of multiple characters and in this first issue, one of those characters is Kara Zor-El. This story will be written by Tony Bedard, and he took the time to answer a few of our questions about his upcoming story.

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COMIC VINE: You have the honor of telling Kara Zor-El's origin in the first issue of SECRET ORIGINS. How's that feel?

TONY BEDARD: It feels like an honor that I've been entrusted with a truly iconic character like Supergirl. And while her origin has been told before, the New 52 is still young enough that I can bring something new to the mix -- mostly about her personal motivation and how her family and her mother shaped who she is. There's a lot still untapped in this character, and I'm very excited to reintroduce her to new readers and longtime readers alike.

CV: Is there a different feeling writing this version of Kara compared to when you did SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES?

TB: In the New 52 version, we've really played up how difficult it is for Supergirl to fit in on Earth. Superman had the advantage of growing up here, but Kara's personality and outlook were forged back on Krypton. She never expected to become a superhero on what to her is a pretty primitive world. So where the old Supergirl was much more comfortable with her role, this newer version of Kara Zor-El is still trying to figure out what to do with the power she has. It's been tricky, because she's usually fed up and frustrated by her encounters on Earth, which can come off as grumpy or whiny. The old Supergirl was universally beloved and accepted. This new one has more of a Peter Parker challenge: getting the public to trust her. She'd settle for just feeling like she belongs. But with the events of the upcoming Red Lanterns crossover and her joining the Justice League, Kara has a lot of opportunity to turn her life around and earn that S on her chest.

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CV: What do you like about her?

TB: I like that in her New 52 incarnation Supergirl isn't as defined by her relation to Superman. That is, she's not trying to be like him and follow his example. She has her own reasons for wanting to use her powers for the greater good. That's the focus of this new SECRET ORIGINS story -- not just recapping her origin and powers, but setting up how Supergirl stands on her own merits rather than basking in the glory of her cousin.

CV: Since there's three stories in this first issue, how long will your story be?

TB: My story is 12 pages long, and there's a lot packed in there! We see Kara Zor-El as she was before Krypton exploded. We see how her father was working on forbidden projects, then tricked his own daughter in the rocket that saved her life. And we see Supergirl in current-day action, always struggling to do the right thing in a culture where little makes sense to her.

CV: Obviously, you can't give everything away, but what's different about the new 52 origin of this character?

TB: A lot if this has already been established in the SUPERGIRL monthly, so it's not giving away too much. We do see young Kara preparing for "the Trials" Krypton's rite of passage that Kara never actually got to take. I think it's neat to see more of her relationship with her mother, who wore the pants at Casa Zor-El. The title of the story says it all: "Daughter of the House of El."

CV: What do you think long time fans will like about this book?

TB: I tried for a more positive, upbeat feel for Supergirl that I think lines up a little more with the vibe that Supergirl had in her previous incarnations. We see her performing a rescue as only a Super-character can. And I think it's always fun to get another glimpse of Krypton and its culture which shaped Kara in ways that Superman might never really understand.

CV: Why should readers pick up this first issue of SECRET ORIGINS?

TB: The New 52 era is still young and if you want to get the lowdown on where these heroes came from, what drives them to do what they do, and what's still in continuity, SECRET ORIGINS is the definitive guide to the ever-changing heroes of the DC Universe!

Thanks a ton to Tony Bedard and make sure to check out his Supergirl story in SECRET ORIGINS, hitting your LCS on April 23rd, 2014!