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Interview: Ron Marz and Denys Cowan Discuss CONVERGENCE BATMAN AND ROBIN

The two creators talk about their upcoming Convergence book.

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Convergence month is quickly approaching us and we go to talk to writer Ron Marz and artist Denys Cowan about their upcoming Convergence book, BATMAN AND ROBIN, which hits stores on April 8th.

COMIC VINE: What's this story about?

RON MARZ: This is, in a lot of ways, what every Batman story is about: protecting Gotham City. That's ultimately Batman's mission, to protect the city and its people. But of course this version of Gotham City has been plunked down on an alien world, so this is one of the most extreme ... no pun intended ... challenges that Batman has ever faced. The other facet of the story is the relationship between Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd. It's a dysfunctional family dynamic on an operatic scale.

CV: What do you all like about the Pre-Flashpoint Batman and Robin?

RM:Honestly, I love any version of Batman and Robin. I still think Batman is the best, most complex character in comics. Any chance to write him is a gift.

DENYS COWAN: I've always liked all the versions of Batman and Robin,that being said I've never drawn this version of B&R so it's a lot of fun

CV: Will we be seeing the whole Bat-Family here?

RM:We're sticking with Bruce, Damian and Jason, since they're really the core of the story. We've only got two issues, so we're going to keep the focus pretty tight on that trio. Though I think an appearance by Alfred is almost a necessity.

DC: Lot's of Bat Family and many of the major bad guys.

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CV: What excites you about working on this Convergence book?

RM:It's Batman, and I'm working with Denys Cowan and Klaus Janson. What more could any writer want? Beyond that, it's a chance to tell a very character-driven story in a larger-than-life setting.

DC: I'm working with Ron Marz and i love his writing ..a real joy working from his scripts. and Klaus Janson is in a class by himself as an artist/inker to work with them is a dream come true...

CV: What do you think fans will be looking forward to the most about this?

RM:Well, I guess the obvious answer is it's Batman and his two sons fighting to protect Gotham City, as long as they can stop fighting each other. But I can also tell you it's a beautiful book, thanks to the talents of Denys and Klaus.

DC: Seeing how its all going to work out in the end!

Thanks to Ron Marz and Denys Cowan for answering out questions and make sure to check out their BATMAN AND ROBIN Convergence issue, hitting stores on April 8th.


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Written by RON MARZ

Art and cover by DENYS COWAN and KLAUS JANSON

Variant cover designed by CHIP KIDD

On sale APRIL 8 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 2, $3.99 US • RATED T

STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! Being trapped in a domed city makes for a tense, inescapable family reunion as Batman struggles to keep the friction between Damian Wayne and Jason Todd from exploding!