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Interview: Robert Venditti Sheds Light on the Green Lantern Event - 'Lights Out'

Find out what the upcoming story is about and get some exclusive information about the next GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL.

Earlier this week, DC Comics released a teaser for an upcoming Green Lantern event - Lights Out. The only information released along with the teaser was it would begin in October. In order to find out more, we asked GREEN LANTERN writer and GREEN LANTERN CORPS co-writer, Robert Venditti, some questions.

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Comic Vine: How long will this story/crossover run?

Robert Venditti: The primary villain, Relic, will be a feature of one of the Villains Month issues in September, but the crossover itself will run during October. The entire “Lights Out” story will take only one month.

CV: Can we assume this is a 'family' wide crossover with the other GL books? What about other titles?

RV: It starts in GREEN LANTERN #24 and runs through GREEN LANTERN CORPS, NEW GUARDIANS, and RED LANTERNS. No other titles will be taking part (aside from the aforementioned Villains Month issue and GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #2, which will also be hitting this October).

CV: What exactly can you tell us since DC hasn't said much about it? How does it end?

RV: “Lights Out” will tie together every Lantern of every Corps that has ever appeared in any comic book. Ever. It’s an ambitious story, and we’re going to take some risks. All the Corps will leave the crossover differently than when they went in.

And since you asked, the story ends at the Battle of the Black Gate, where Hal and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps defeat Sauron and the forces of Mordor. And there will be giant eagles.

Wait, that’s been done already?

CV: Seriously, are you planning on things getting brutal, hence the bloody ring in the teaser image?

RV: There will be plenty of action. In one way or another, each Corps is going to pay a price.

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CV: How does it feel knowing you have the power in your hands to unleash evil things upon the Green Lantern characters?

RV: I don’t know if “evil” is the term I’d use. Evil is kind of one-dimensional. It’s, you know, evil. I prefer villains who, while their methods may be questionable, they remain at least in some way sympathetic to the reader. That’s certainly the goal with Relic.

CV: Will this story be the result of Villains Month or unrelated?

The crossover has nothing to do with this song.
The crossover has nothing to do with this song.

RV: It’s a story we already had in mind, and Villains Month offered an opportunity to expand on it by using September to tell Relic’s origin story. So it all came together rather fortuitously.

CV: Can you tell us where this takes place? On Earth, Oa, Space?

RV: In space, on Oa, and on some other familiar planets as well. But there will also be locations that haven’t been seen in the New 52 yet, and some new locations that have never been seen before.

CV: Am I the only one that started thinking of Peter Wolf's "Lights Out" from 1984?

RV: I certainly hope so.

Thanks Robert. We'll all have to be on the lookout for Lights Out in October in the GL titles as well as the GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL.

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I thought of "Lights Out" by the Angry Samoans. Who the hell is Peter Wolf?

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@longbowhunter: He was the singer of the J. Geils Band.

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Dammit. Stop with the first picture. Every time I see "Lghts Out" in that font and color, it reminds me of the TMNT game Dark Horizons on, which is awesome. I don't give 2 sh*ts about Green Lantern

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

I like Green Lantern and I like villains but I can't buy every single DC book this fall, going to have to make some choices...

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

Also taking this chance to say I hate how DC has handled GL annuals. Would much prefer to see one shot stories than $6 tie ins.

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Posted By Mucklefluga

Dammit. Stop with the first picture. Every time I see "Lghts Out" in that font and color, it reminds me of the TMNT game Dark Horizons on, which is awesome. I don't give 2 sh*ts about Green Lantern

You chose the best article to visit then!

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Posted By BR_Havoc

It's getting ridiculous now with Green Lantern crossovers. Every other month there is a new threat that will kill all the corps and crossover to every GL book and at the end what to they do seed the next crossover. I get it DC they make you money at a time your company is losing the shelf war but enough is enough.

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Posted By gmanfromheck
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Posted By G_Money_Christmas

@g_money_christmas said:

Dammit. Stop with the first picture. Every time I see "Lghts Out" in that font and color, it reminds me of the TMNT game Dark Horizons on, which is awesome. I don't give 2 sh*ts about Green Lantern

You chose the best article to visit then!

I originally noticed it on the news page and all that it showed was Lights Out and it got me excited until I read the title: /

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@g_man: oh, yeah! DJ TONY G IN THE HOUSE!!!

By the way, I always laugh my butt off when you annoy Sarah with your youtube clips! I really laugh out loud everytime, so everyone on the train or in the gym always looks at me funny. So, yeah... Thanks for that!

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well at least its a one month crossover so people won't be dishing out all of their money for like 3+ months on titles that they don't usually pick up just to continue the story..... as much.

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Posted By Dabee

This looks like it's gonna be great. Can't wait!

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Its only a one month event. Thats a lot better than a 3 -4 month event.

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cool defiantly getting this.

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But I don't want to get Red Lanterns!!

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@cc1738 said:

But I don't want to get Red Lanterns!!

You know, with all the lantern titles receiving new writers, I'm most excited about Red Lanterns. I know the other three will be good, but so far Red Lanterns have been hit and miss (probably more the latter in retrospect). That's why I can't wait to see where the title will be heading.

All in all I'm interested in seeing where this event goes, Relic looks like he can be quite bad-ass. And people can't really be bummed about yet another Lantern event. Technically the former ones were under the former teams, which stood as an apt closing of an old era. This is is the first mini (in light of the Third Army and First Lantern this is quite mini) event to herald in the "new" Lanterns.

I say bring it on.

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Kinda odd Larfleeze won't be a part of this, isn't it?

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@g_man: That is true but still I mean we just had rise of the thrid army and wrath of the first lantern back to back. I mean with all new writers, why not let them stand on their own for more than a few months before another crossover?

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Omg can't wait, what comic/which issues is it in

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@redheadedatrocitus: I was wondering about Larfleeze myself. I suppose there are plenty of possibilities. Giffen and DeMatties could just want to continue their arc how they planned it instead of forcing the crossover in there. Or maybe Venditti figured it was simply unnecessary to add the Larfleeze series to it. I'm leaning more toward the first option. However, just because the Larfleeze series won't be part of the crossover, it doesn't mean Larfleeze the character won't appear in the other GL books. Remember, he has already done so in Green Lantern #21 and that appearance was referenced in the latest issues of both GLC and New Guardians, I believe.

I wonder if the Relic story will end after the crossover or if that's just the beginning. I really am not expecting many great things from Relic. He seems to me to be DC's version of Galactus in the whole hailing from the previous universe aspect. I may be surprised, but if my low expectations are correct, I certainly hope they discard him soon and bring in some more interesting villains. I think the Weaponer would be quite an epic opponent now that he's got Invictus' craft. Anyway, can't wait to see what transpires.

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Did Peter eat the wolf or did the wolf eat his Peter? By the painful to watch dance moves i'd say its a toss-up......