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Interview: Nathan Edmondson on BLACK WIDOW

BLACK WIDOW writer Nathan Edmondson discusses the new route of his book, what Natasha is up to, and working with Phil Noto.

BLACK WIDOW has been one of the stars of the Marvel Now! books, and that's all thanks to the writing of Nathan Edmondson and the art of Phil Noto. Nathan Edmondson, once again, had a little chat with us about the character and the series.

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Comic Vine: How did you land the job writing the new BLACK WIDOW series?

Nathan Edondson: For a while I’ve had some very incriminating pictures of Axel Alonso on my phone (right time, right place) and last year, I put them to use. Boom, I’m on Black Widow.

CV: What's happened to Black Widow to change her more from an assassin to a protector, who also happens to kill?

NE: She’s still a “protector,” but she’s not only a protector: she’s a freelance operative, a mercenary. Her skills are wide beyond trigger-pulling, and she does what she must to earn a buck as a freelancer, as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., as an Avenger. Protection is perhaps the most true aspect of her that we see—that which is most natural for her. Then again, maybe not. That lingering question is what makes her so fascinating.

CV: Aside from amazing, how has it been working with Phil Noto?

NE: I have no superlatives to top amazing, but I’ll throw in gratifying, humbling and a challenge—a challenge because I feel I have to work doubly hard to make the story worthy of his art.

CV: What will this series deal with?

NE: We’ll get a much clearer picture come issue 4, but Black Widow has wandered into a dark, twisting maze, and we might feel the chill of Cold War winds blowing soon. But is it the old Cold War, or a new one?

CV: Will we see any crossover with other characters?

NE: Absolutely. Can’t reveal anything yet, but stay tuned...

CV: Aside from BLACK WIDOW, you're also writing PUNISHER. Is your goal to just write all of Marvel's badass characters? If so, when will you be writing Blade or Luke Cage?

NE: I don’t know…I might like a different kind of challenge next. But let’s see what unfolds, shall we?

Thanks to Nathan Edmondson for taking the time to answer some more of our questions! Issue #4 of the series hits store shelves on March 12th, so make sure to pick up a copy at your local comic shop or digitally!