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Interview: Matt Kindt Talks JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and the League being Dead

Find out which two characters will survive and try to carry on.

Forever Evil is here. What is going on with the Justice League and the Justice League of America? The Crime Syndicate keeps saying the Justice League is dead but we all know that can't be the case, right?

With Matt Kindt taking over JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and the apparent jump forward in FOREVER EVIL #1, we asked him some questions to find out what's going on and what we can expect. He does address whether or not the League is dead.


Comic Vine: Will JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 pick up immediately after the events of Trinity War?

Matt Kindt: Yes. It starts off with everybody dead. You'll see them all dead. But then it moves forward.

CV: Will this series lead up to FOREVER EVIL #1 or will your story jump forward as well?

MK: We're going to take some time with it. In the first couple issues you might feel a little out of it. We'll see the survivors, Manhunter and Stargirl, are sort of trapped in this crazy prison. They're trying to escape, trying to figure it out. By the end of the second issue, they'll get down into the real world, FOREVER EVIL. Then they sort of interact with all the villains.

CV: For the next few issues, will the focus mainly be on the threat of the Crime Syndicate?


MK: Yes.

CV: Will we see more of the Outsider since he wasn't seen in FOREVER EVIL #1

MK: No Outsider. The focus on my run of the book is going to be…it's almost like a buddy/cop travel movie with Manhunter and Stargirl. They'll be like good cop/bad cop. They're sort of dumped into this world of FOREVER EVIL and survive as they cross the country. They try to figure out the bigger mystery and they out to try to save the day, if there's a day that can be saved. It's really going to be character driven. The characters driving it are going to be Manhunter and Stargirl. Every issue they're going to be facing a different crazy villain. Someone from FOREVER EVIL. And a bigger villain, I can't reveal, of course.

By the end of the arc, I don't want you to just know Stargirl and Manhunter. I want you to really love those characters. It's my goal as the writer.

CV: I was going to ask if we're going to see more of a mix in the roster but it sounds like you'll mainly be focusing on the two of them?

MK: Yeah. Everyone else is dead. There's not much I can do with dead.


CV: So I assume you'll have the chance to flesh out Martian Manhunter some more like we've seen in your backups?

MK: Yeah, definitely. We've got a lot more and also Stargirl. We haven't seen enough of her. I think she's really an interesting character that we'll start to learn more about. I want to give her a chance to really step out and become a star…literally a star, you know? The fun of the series is going to be Stargirl and Manhunter interacting because they couldn't be more opposite, in so many ways. The villains are going be there but the real conflict is going to be between Stargirl and Manhunter.

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CV: How will JLA compare to the JUSTICE LEAGUE title now?

MK: It's kind of it's own thing. It's not going to really crossover with anything else except the FOREVER EVIL stuff. I'm going to end the arc in a really big way. There's going to be a big conflict/event that will tie into FOREVER EVIL. Of course it's all secret. Shh.

CV: Can you tell us what character you're most excited to write?

MK: STARGIRL. Because I'm a …she's a…I guess Manhunter is technically more unlike me than anybody because he's from Mars but a teenage girl is the most fun to write because it's something I haven't done a lot of. I like the challenge of doing that. Stargirl needs to be everyone's favorite. That's what I'm going to try to do.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #8 is on sale October 9.