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Interview: Marv Wolfman, Nicola Scott, and Marc Deering Discuss CONVERGENCE: NEW TEEN TITANS

The creative team behind this Convergence book talks about their upcoming book

Week 3 of DC's Convergence is offering quite a few books featuring characters from Crisis on Infinite Earths with great creative teams behind them. One of those books hitting stores on April 22nd is NEW TEEN TITANS, with returning writer Marv Wolfman. He and artists Nicola Scott and Marc Deering answered a few of our questions about this upcoming book.

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COMIC VINE: Marv, you're known for your runs on both NEW TEEN TITANS and TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS, how did it feel to get to work with some of these characters again?

MARV WOLFMAN: I've almost never stopped writing them. I wrote the original book for 16 years but then wrote short stories or mini series since. And of course George Perez and I did the graphic novel 2 years ago. And because of the timing of our story I got to do more with Jericho and Kole which actually uses a storyline I started back in 1984 but we didn't follow through on. But back then Kole asks a question which we didn't answer until now. It might be nice and very surprising to readers what I wanted to do 31 years ago. It'll definitely be controversial.

I love writing these characters and only wish Raven was in it, but she wasn't part of the group during this specific timeline.

CV: Nicola and Marc, when it came to the costumes, did you do any updating to make it look a bit more contemporary or did you stick with the classic costume representing the era? Also, where there any challenges within that?

NICOLA SCOTT: I tried to keep it as classic as possible. I wanted everyone to look just how they are remembered. I think I updated Kole just a little. No-one needs to see her underpants anymore.

Also, I tried to stick with the look of pre-Crisis Gotham. It wasn't an overly stylised gothic city at that point, more like a traditional modern city, New York-ish.

MARC DEERING: The costumes were all up to Nicola and she did an amazing job. Nicola is the George Perez of my generation of artists. Her attention to detail and storytelling is just wonderful.

CV: Was there anyone character you were more excited to work with over the others?

MW: I never got to write Kole much before she died in the Crisis so I was looking forward to this.

NS: I love all these guys but it was definitely Donna that I was most excited about. As soon as I was approached to do this story my first question was about the red jumpsuit. It was my deciding factor. LOVE that era of design.

MD: Donna Troy. Why? Strong, confident, and beautiful.

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CV: Was there a particular team line-up you wanted over anything else?

MW: I don't know about the other books but I was assigned the Titans during this timeline as well as using the Tangent Doom Patrol. So it wasn't a question of choosing the teams.

NS: I was disappointed to not have Wally. I LOVE him and would've loved to draw him for a couple of issues. Alas! But everyone else I was hoping for was right there, front and centre!

CV: What's this upcoming Convergence story about?

MW: The Tangent Doom Patrol had come back in time to save their future world while the Titans want to save Gotham City. So we have totally motivated groups whose goals put them diametrically against each other. It's also about Cyborg being the lynchpin for both groups which puts him in the danger spot. It's also about Nightwing and Starfire at a crucial point in their marriage (!!!) as well as Wonder Girl who is alone here because her husband isn't with her and the other Titans are going thru their own severe problems. And of course we have an entire plot, too.

CV: What was it like bringing in the Tangent Universe's Doom Patrol into this book?

MW: It was fun. I read them in the original Tangent Comics but just casually. I thought Dan Jurgens put together a really fun group.

NS: They haven't had many appearances so it was kinda really fun to balance some really well known and loved characters with some less familiar.

Their story is so loaded with tragedy that they're desperately trying to fix. It really raises the stakes of the conflict.

Thanks to Marv Wolfman, Nicola Scott, and Marc Deering for answering our questions. CONVERGENCE: NEW TEEN TITANS #1 his stores on April 22nd!

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