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Interview: Mark Waid on INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, DAREDEVIL and Hulk Mustaches

Find out what the writer has planned for the characters once Marvel NOW! begins.

Mark Waid is one of those solid writers that just continuously cranks out great comics and stories. Lately he's been carving out his spot as one of the top Daredevil writers. With Marvel NOW! nearly upon us, Waid will continue with DAREDEVIL but will also be putting his mark on Hulk by writing the relaunched INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK with Leinil Yu.

With this being Waid's first time fully writing Hulk and because he's re-teaming up with his SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT collaborator, we had to take the opportunity to ask him some questions and find out what we can expect.

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Comic Vine: Hulk is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Will this be in any way similar to Peter David's "Professor" Hulk run where he was the leader of the Pantheon? (I loved smart Hulk running that team).

Mark Waid: Not so much. This is more like “release the Kraken!”

CV: Will we see Hulk join/get asked to join S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first issue or will it be something that's happened and the events will slowly be revealed?

MW: It’s a big part of issue one. He doesn’t actually get asked to join. It’s Banner’s idea. But as to why S.H.I.E.L.D. would agree, that’s a mystery that we’ll be feeding clues out on slowly....

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CV: Who came up with the adjective, "INDESTRUCTIBLE" for the series?

MW: I think editor Mark Paniccia did, and to be honest, I was at first a little resistant--until I realized that it fit the new Banner/Hulk status perfectly--it’s the spot-on adjective for how Banner regards the Hulk now, as you’ll see in issue one.

CV: Are we going to see any of the other numerous 'Hulks'?

MW: Absolutely--not immediately, but soon!

CV: What will be the tone of the book? The title suggests big action and destruction, will it be less of a lighter feel than DAREDEVIL?

MW: A bit less light than DD, yes, because there’s not quite as much room for witty banter in HULK. But it’s an adventure tone and a tone of hope, as in Daredevil. A thoroughly non-cynical tone.

CV: You were talking about pitting Hulk against non-common villains on Twitter. Is this something you plan on doing to give the series a different twist? Hulk vs. Hydro-Man? Hulk vs. Taskmaster? Hulk vs. new Hellfire Club? (I loved the Sandman suggestion).

MW: It’s less about giving it a different twist, more about just wanting to surprise readers (and myself) (and my artists). The bench of super-villains at Marvel is very deep.

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CV: Will DAREDEVIL be affected by Marvel NOW?

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MW: Only in that issue 21 will, like the Point-One issue we did, be structured as a very good jumping-on point for lapsed and new readers--but not in any way that undercuts the ongoing subplots.

CV: You've had so many incredible artists on DAREDEVIL (Paolo Rivera, Marco Checchetto, Chris Samnee, Mike Allred). How did you get so lucky?

MW: Two words: Steve Wacker.

CV: Where does Thunderbolt Ross' mustache go when he turns into Red Hulk? Will your Hulk ever have a mustache?

MW: Thunderbolt’s mustache goes into the Negative Zone, where it enjoys its own separate adventures that will hopefully someday be told. Our Hulk needs no mustache. Muttonchops, perhaps.