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Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick Talks About Osborn #1

Norman's getting his own mini-series. What kind of craziness can we expect.

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Norman Osborn was the big man in the Marvel Universe during Dark Reign. He managed to fool the entire nation (almost) into thinking he had pure and noble intentions. Earlier today, I gave a break down of what could have made Norman the evil guy he is.  
With Norman's downfall and incarceration, his evil plan is far from over. We've already seen signs of his reach from behind bars as individuals have been popping up sporting a nifty new Goblin tattoo. 
Osborn #1 is in stores today by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios. We were able to throw a few questions to Kelly Sue. 
Comic Vine: How did you come on board for the Osborn mini series, were you asked or did you pitch it? 
Kelly Sue DeConnick:
Little of column A, little of column B--I was asked to pitch it. 
CV: The cover of issue 1 shows Osborn smiling. Is that a "I ate a bowl of crazy cereal this morning" or "I'm right where I want to be in the next part of my plan" smile? 
Going to prison was not part of Osborn's plan. He's riffing. But you know what Norman's really good at? Riffing. 
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CV: Norman Osborn was the most influential character in the Marvel Universe during Dark Reign, how's it feel to be writing his next chapter? 
KSD: It's terrifying, honestly. It's a put up or shut up moment. I could go on, but I'd be tempted to break into the lyrics of LOSE YOURSELF and no one wants that. 
CV: With Norman being taken to a "super-secret" prison, can we assume that criminals are completely made unaware of the location during transit? 
Yes, you can. 
CV: Will we see what sort of security measures the facility has to prevent escapes and the location being revealed? 
Not immediately, no. 
CV: Are we going to see a lot of interaction with other super-dangerous villains in the cells next to Norman? 
You are. 
CV: Going back to Norman eating cereal, what do you think his breakfast cereal of choice would be? 
"Oh Snap! Crackle! Pop!" 
Because it's the sound of your girlfriend's neck breaking. 
Be sure to pick up Osborn #1 on sale today!