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Interview: Keith Giffen Talks THRESHOLD and LARFLEEZE

What can we expect from the new THRESHOLD arc and from the new LARFLEEZE on-going series? Also, the return of a classic DC character!

Jediah Caul, who first appeared in GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS ANNUAL #1, has been the main focus of writer Keith Giffen's new DC book THRESHOLD, which is currently at four issues. This sci-fi epic journey is going through a few changes in the upcoming future, and Giffen took the time to answer some burning questions.

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Comic Vine: What did you want to bring to this book that you felt was missing from other comic books at the time?

Keith Giffen: A dense read. New characters, settings, etc. When one of the most common criticism readers level at me is "there are too many words"... That's a point of pride.

CV: What can you tell us about the new cast of space villains coming up? How much will this book be changing over the course of the next few issues?

KG: Caul's story will come to a definitive end. I know. Shocking. A story that actually ends. We'll also get to spend a bit of time with Star Hawkins and Ilda as well as - finally - catching a glimpse of the Lady Styx.

CV: Captain K'Rot (Carrot) was a bizarre but very cool choice for a character reboot in this series. What are, if any, some characters we'll see popping up in THRESHOLD?

KG: The cast has, pretty much, been introduced so no new additions for the foreseeable future.

CV: What is your process in designing new characters, like Jediah Caul or the K'Rot?

KG: Have fun. Ignore the internet whiners.

Cover to THRESHOLD #5
Cover to THRESHOLD #5

CV: The artists on this book, Tom Raney and Scott Kolins, have done a fantastic job with the main and back-up stories. What has it been like to work with these very talented artists?

KG: Believe it or not... relaxing. You have no idea how great it feels to know that the guys you're working with know the craft and get what you're trying to do. Tom and Scott are rock solid professionals and I'm lucky to have them. Winslade too.

CV: Are Stealth, Space Ranger, and Jediah Caul going to continue to be the focus of this series or will this book jump to other people in the science fiction part of the DCU, much like how JSA LIBERTY FILES changes focus after each arc?

KG: Focus characters will change, but be drawn from characters already introduced. Assuming we survive long enough.

CV: One of the funnest parts of this series, so far, is Blue Beetle's appearance. In solicits, we see he'll be popping back into the book in issue 7. Will he be an ongoing part of this book and how big are your plans for him?

KG: Jaime's slated to be a major player. Lonar has plans for the kid wearing the reverse engineered Apokolyptian battle armor.

Cover to LARFLEEZE #1
Cover to LARFLEEZE #1

CV: Because Larfleeze is stepping out into his own book, does this mean the Threshold story will expand each issue or will a new back-up take its place? If so, what can you tell us about it?

KG: Star Hawkins gets his dance in the spotlight once Larfleeze exits. The story revolves around the hunt for the legendary, longest running contestant.

CV: With the upcoming LARFLEEZE on-going, it seems as though this book is going to have the same humorous tone as the back-ups, how tough is it to constantly write a book like this and keep it funny?

KG: Not tough at all. Not with DeMatteis on board. Actually, it's a lot tougher writing superheroes with a straight face. I mean, c'mon... most of them are wearing their underpants on the outside.

CV: What can we expect from Larfleeze's new book?

KG: New characters, new locales, new threats, new romances (you heard right... romances). All I'm taking with me from the DCU are Larfleeze and Stargrave (and one other). The rest will all be brand spanking new.

CV: Will we be seeing any familiar faces in upcoming issues that have yet to appear in the New 52?

KG: Okay... the "one other" mentioned above is G'NORT. But only because DeMatteis has a G'Nort fixation that just won't quit. And no, he's not a GL.

Whoa! The return of G'Nort?! Everyone's favorite dog-faced Green Lantern character?

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Make sure to check out Giffen's awesome science-fiction, action-packed book, THRESHOLD. You may still be able to find issues #1-#4 and issue #5 is on sale May 8th.