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Interview: Keith Giffen Discusses CONVERGENCE: SUPERGIRL: MATRIX #1

Take a look at some interiors in this upcoming issue and a little bit of insight from Keith Giffen

Week 2 of DC's upcoming Convergence titles hits stores on April 15th, and one of the books offered is SUPERGIRL: MATRIX written by Keith Giffen and featuring the art of Timothy Green II. Giffen answered a few of our questions about the book and we got a look at some interior art.

Interior art
Interior art

COMIC VINE: What's going on in this Convergence story?

KEITH GIFFEN: What? Tell you the story then totally remove any reason to buy the book?

Well, except for Tim's artwork, which is, pretty much, worth the price of admission alone.

CV: Do you feel like a void is being filled in fans' hearts because Ambush Bug is going to be in this comic?

KG: I have no idea how to answer this. There's a void? In people's hearts? Because of Ambush Bug?


CV: The team up between Supergirl, Lady Quark, and Ambush Bug is an interesting one. How did this come about?

KG: I told Dan to give me the characters no one else wanted to work on.

No... really, that's how I got them.

CV: Were there any changes to the look of these characters in the initial design for this book?

KG: Luthor. We originally drew him in bald but Dan wanted the hippy Luthor so... Y'know, he probably didn't want us messing with a bald guy.


Him being, like, bald 'n' all?

CV: What were all of you excited about when it comes to working on this book?

KG: No one said anything about being excited. I mean, not to me they didn't. Just the usual "don't f**k up".

I get that a lot.

CV: Will Supergirl be wearing her "iconic" red headband?

KG: There's an iconic Supergirl headband?

I'm going to guess the answer to that is no.

Supergirl commenting on the fact everyone forgot about her 80s headband
Supergirl commenting on the fact everyone forgot about her 80s headband

Thanks to Keith Giffen for answering our questions and make sure to check out CONVERGENCE: SUPERGIRL: MATRIX #1 on April 15th.

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