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Interview: Joshua Hale Fialkov Talks GREEN LANTERN CORPS and RED LANTERNS

Find out what we can expect when Fialkov takes over the two titles.

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There are a lot of creative changes headed to the GREEN LANTERN corner of the universe and we can't help but be excited. Joshua Hale Fialkov is not only taking over GREEN LANTERN CORPS but RED LANTERNS as well. The GL titles are currently going through the Wrath of the First Lantern storyline so hopefully our favorite characters will still be around when Josh takes over. We had the chance to ask some questions to try to find out what's coming up.

Comic Vine: Is the mess between the Guardians and the Corps going to be settled before you begin or will that play a role in your first arc?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Oh, come on, you know I can't answer that. I can say that the results of Geoff and Co.'s run will be felt across these books for years and years to come. They've really created something special that we're lucky enough to walk in the footsteps of.

CV: Do you plan on splitting the storytelling between Guy Gardner and John Stewart? Will other members play big roles?

JHF: I want to focus on the two Corps as whole units, so, we'll get a bit more variety in terms of our leads from issue to issue. I'm especially partial to Kilowog, Stel, and Soranik Natu, so, expect lots from them.

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CV: John Stewart often gets shoved aside in the GL books, he didn't even get a proper 'zero issue origin.' Do you plan to use him more often?

JHF: He's one of my main guys. He's absolutely essential to the story of BOTH books, and, he's got to be one of my favorite GL characters. I think a lot of kids grew up only knowing John as Green Lantern thanks to the cartoons, so, bringing him front and center and really focusing on the rich story of his life is a high priority for me.

CV: Where will the focus of locations be? Is Oa still an option or do you plan on taking the members all over the place?

JHF: I look at Oa and Ysmault (home of the Red Lanterns) as the two 'precinct houses.' It's where everyone ends up at the end of the day, but, not where they actually do their jobs. So, while we spend time on each planet, it'll be more about being out in the world doing what they do.

CV: You mentioned before you really wanted to take both GL CORPS and RED LANTERNS, will we see a strong connection between the titles?

JHF: Oh yeah, this is one story told across two books. Or, more succinctly one story told from two very different points of view. Imagine if there were two police forces with very different methodologies, but very similar goals. They'd constantly be one-upping each other and getting in each others' ways. Then when one of those forces is out to actively destroy the other... Well, you get the idea.

CV: Certain readers have questioned the direction of RED LANTERNS and have remained skeptical over the series, what will you do to win them over?

JHF: I think that'll all be answered in our first issue of GREEN LANTERN CORPS. When people see how the two books fit together, I think we'll grab a lot of people. The Red's are no longer shunted off to the side, they're essential to the story were telling, and I hope people give 'em a chance.

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CV: The Red Lanterns should be about rage yet they often come across and more vengeful. Where do you draw the line and could stories be told about a bunch of angry Lanterns?

JHF: It's not so much 'rage' as 'outrage' for me. They come off as vengeful, EXCEPT, their vengeance is ACTIVE. Their rings are drawn to people in their moment of despair in a way that allows for intervention rather than just retribution. That's something that Geoff explored in the early version of the characters that I want to get back to.

CV: Will RED LANTERNS stay in their own corner of the universe or do you plan to drop in the occasional guest appearance?

JHF: Nope. Front and center. If you're reading GLC you better be reading RL.

CV: What color Lantern would you be? Sapphire, since you're so full of love?

JHF: I'm sure my editors would say Red, but, I'm probably Green. A willful SOB when I need to be.

Josh's run begins in the June in the #21 issues.