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Interview: Joëlle Jones Talks LADY KILLER -- an Amazing Upcoming Comic

This is one comic you'll want to make sure is on your pull list.

Imagine what it must be like to create a new comic book series these days. We've seen so many different variations on the same concepts. But once in a while something comes along that blows you away and just feels fresh and different. That's what happened with LADY KILLER.

LADY KILLER is an upcoming series at Dark Horse from Joëlle Jones. Jamie S. Rich is co-writing and Laura Allred is doing the colors. The series might not be out until January 7, 2015 but it's a series you will definitely want to check out. You need to let your comic shop know today you want it added to your pull list if you want to guarantee you'll get a copy. We've had the chance to read the first issue and it's amazing. I'm really excited about this series.

We had the chance to ask Joëlle some questions about the series as well.

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COMIC VINE: How would you describe this series?

Joëlle Jones: Simple pitch is that it is about a young wife and mother in the early 1960's who just happens to also have a secret life as an assassin.

CV: Where oh where did you come up with this crazy idea?

JJ: I have been obsessed with mid century illustration and advertising for a really long time and I wanted to do a book set in that world but in order to keep myself interested I also wanted to explore the darker side of the typical Leave it to Beaver household. So I thought why not give a bored housewife a really horrible hobby. I love dark comedies and I thought the two would be a lot of fun to put together.

CV: Your art in the story gets pretty dark and gruesome. Do you have a happy place you go to after working on the visuals to get away from it?

JJ: I sort of feel cleansed after writing or drawing a particularly bloody scene. I guess that sounds horrible and I am not a violent criminal or anything, I just have a dark turn of mind and and even darker sense of humor. I always thought if I hadn't had ended up in comics that maybe I would be running a drug trade in South America or maybe I would have been one of those people that makes sculptures out of discarded fingernails or something. I guess I still have time if this doesn't work out.

CV: Is this set as an ongoing series? If so, how far out do you have it mapped out?

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JJ: So far all that is planned is the first five issues and then I think we are just going to see what happens from there. I have a much bigger and longer story in mind and would love to see the characters develop even further!

CV: Was having this set in the 60s in place from the beginning?

JJ: Yeah, I never thought of doing it any other way. Like I said before the art of the time just appeals to me so much and I love all the research I get to do and I don't have to dress everybody in jeans and tshirts. Which by the way can be really tedious to draw after awhile.

CV: What else is it about the time period that you find appealing?

JJ: When I first started my obsession with the illustrations of that time, one thing that really struck me was the emphasis that each artist seemed to place on the gestures and acting of the figures in each drawing. With only a single image a larger story had to be hinted at and the most elegant way to do that was through an expression or the way the characters interacted with each other within the scene. It is something that I am very aware of in my own work and I find that I am constantly trying to do the same.

CV: Would the tone of the book changed if it was set in modern times?

JJ: I think so yeah. For starters forensic science is much more advanced and most of the conversations would take place over text messaging also I wouldn't get to draw those awesomely huge cars. Mostly though I think the picture of a woman so perfectly put together and living the typical 1950s life juxtaposed with violence and deception is a compelling thing to explore.

CV: This isn't really a question but how great is it having Laura Allred do the colors? Is she the permanent colorist?

JJ: I've got her for the five issues for sure and I couldn't be happier about it! She has been amazing to work with!

CV: What's your favorite thing about working on this series?

JJ: I love being able to write a script just for me. I feel like I want to draw something and I write that in. I don't want to draw it I don't. If I think something is funny I throw that in too, this has been so fun for me just to work on something that I have so much control over.

Orders for the first issue are due today. Call or visit your local comic shop to let them know you want this comic added to your pull list. Check out the full preview and you'll get an idea why we dig it so much.

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