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Joe Casey takes one of Jack Kirby's classic characters a brings it to Dynamite in one action-packed series. Also, a first look at interior pages!

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This August, it's the return of Jack Kirby's classic character, Captain Victory, to Dynamite Entertainment, and he's plunging into a new, high-action series written by Joe Casey. We talked to Casey about this book and what fans can expect to see this classic Kirby character go through in this new series.


JOE CASEY: It's about all the things that matter most when faced with the vast abyss of the universe... identity, friendship, loyalty... and a lot of cool explosions and outer space action. It's about blowing the doors off of cosmic adventure comics and taking them to a new plateau. It's about exposing a new audience to some cutting edge comicbook art and storytelling and putting it all in a fantastic sci-fi milieu that will probably blow your brain apart. But in a good way!

CV: What attracted you to this project?

JC: Anything that Kirby ever created has that unique ability to attract creative participation. How else would the Marvel Universe continually perpetuate itself after all these years...? It's because the ideas that Jack laid down are just that powerful and worthy of further exploration. Well, Captain Victory is no different. Even when I read the original series as a kid, I knew there was unlimited potential to these characters and concepts. Hopefully, we're all bringing something to the party that's worthy of the original jam that Kirby laid down way back at the dawn of the 80's..

CV: What's changed about Captain Victory, in you book, compared to Jack Kirby's original vision?

JC: I hope not much, at least not spiritually. The thing that was so amazing about Kirby is that he encouraged other creators to go their own way, to do their own thing. So, if anything, we're taking what Kirby created and turning up the volume a little bit, pushing the envelope a bit, taking things in a more radical direction.

CV: How action-packed can we expect this series to be?

JC: Well, how action packed do you imagine it's going to be? Now take that expectation and multiply it by about one thousand. There you go.

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CV: Who is doing art on this series and where were your first impressions?

JC: Nathan Fox, Jim Rugg, Ulises Farinas, Michel Fiffe, Farel Dalrymple, Jim Mahfood, Benjamin Marra and Connor Willumsen kick things off in the first few issues. In terms of my first impressions.. I've been a fan of these guys from the first time I laid eyes on their work. To have them all contributing to one series is like watching the Olympic Dream Team in action (90's callback!).

CV: There's a lot of cosmic books to choose from. What sets CAPTAIN VICTORY apart from the others on the shelves?

JC: Quality and ambition. Isn't that what we all want out of our cosmic books?

CV: What do you think folks will really enjoy about this new book?

JC: That's a really good question. I can't really speculate on what folks will enjoy about this series, I'm more concerned with how cool I still think it is. If my tastes line up with the tastes of popular culture, then Nick Barrucci will be very happy with how we do in the marketplace. But a book like this is about way more than that. We're drawing another line in the sand with this one (something that I often like to do in my work... I just can't help myself, really). Just getting this series together has been a massive undertaking, but the end result is so worth it, I can't even tell you. In fact, I need to drop the mike and get out of this interview because the emotions that are swelling up in me, the pride I'm feeling for this book we've put together, cannot be contained on this website. Buy the book, revel in the madness. Peace out!

Make sure to check out CAPTAIN VICTORY AND THE GALACTIC RANGERS when it hits store shelves on August 8th, from Dynamite Comics. Check out the rest of the first look interiors below!