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Interview: Jimmy Palmiotti Talks HARLEY QUINN FUTURES END and Marriage to the Joker

It's set five years in the future but are we really going to see the marriage of Harley and Joker?

A lot can happen in five years. Especially in comic book worlds. With DC Comics, we're visiting the future of the DCU that may (or may not) happen in the next five years for the characters. When it comes to Harley Quinn, is there really any telling what might happen. Her life is one crazy adventure after another.

Now Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chad Hardin, and Alex Sinclair are showing us something we never thought we'd see--the marriage of Harley and the Joker.

We spoke to Jimmy to find out if this is really happening or if it's some sort of trick.

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COMIC VINE: Straight up, is this really Joker?

JIMMY PALMIOTTI: It sure is. Is there a fake Joker running around?

CV: How much of the story will we see? The solicit mentions their honeymoon. What about the proposal and marriage?

JIMMY: It’s more about the events leading up to the proposal and marriage. The honeymoon is a lot hotter than anyone can imagine. I don’t wanna give anything away but I will say that you will be glad you were not invited to this madness.

CV: Because this is “the future,” were there any guidelines with what could or couldn’t be told?

JIMMY: I am sure there were, but with Harley, anything can happen. We just went in and had some fun. We were trying to tell the story that would make sense for the characters. These two kids have some major issues towards each other.

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CV: Would you say this was a “shotgun” wedding? Were any other weapons involved?

JIMMY: There were a lot of man-made weapons for sure. And it was a bit of a shotgun wedding on both of their parts, but it makes sense in the bigger picture. Trust me, this isn’t the story of their wedding and life at home with the kids on any level.

CV: Can we assume this is more on the outskirts of all the FUTURES END events?

JIMMY: I have no idea what that means. We were told to tell a story that takes place years from now and told the story. Is this going to happen? Well, in 5 years, check out what happens after this issue. The fun of the FUTURES END material is to see where you think a specific writer would take these characters years from now. We all know the reality of this is that there is no way in hell Amanda and I would be writing Harley 5 years from now…wait, I think I said that about Jonah Hex at one time. Never mind.

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CV: Will their wedding remain a secret? Will we see the reactions of others?

JIMMY: When they get married, there are witnesses. I think both Harley and the Jokers reactions are really what you want to see. As far as the fate of the witnesses, well…lets just say this was the last wedding they ever attended.

CV: When did the idea of Harley and Joker getting married first come about? Did you know about this FUTURES END issue when the series started?

JIMMY: We were asked to pitch a future story and we came up with this idea and they loved it. If you read the book monthly, you might get the feeling of chaos and insanity, and in that kind of world, anything can happen and it does. We thought it would be fun and Amanda came up with the cover image that set the tone of the entire book.

CV: Who had a wilder reception, Harley and Joker or you guys?

JIMMY: They did. Ours was nice, laid back, sunny and booze filled. Their reception was a lot more tropical and they went into the marriage with issues. We, thank God, didn't have as many. Our story has a much happier ending then those guys. We even had better catering.

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