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Interview: Jeff Parker Discusses AQUAMAN

Writer Jeff Parker discusses the battle between Aquaman and Swamp Thing and what is going on with Mera.

Jeff Parker's run on AQUAMAN is in full force! There's something rumbling with Triton, and Mera has her own battles to fight! In addition, Aquaman is meeting Swamp Thing! Writer Jeff Parker answered a few questions about what's currently going on in this series and where it is headed.

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COMIC VINE: Swamp Thing and Aquaman together? Are you crazy?

JEFF PARKER: We’ve only begun to introduce Aquaman to the more arcane characters of the DCU! As we’ll see, these two have more in common than you might at first think. It’s their responsibilities that cause their worlds to crash into each other.

CV: Seriously though, what led to bringing Swamp Thing over to Aquaman?

JP: The impetus was artist Paul Pelletier, who like all great artists, wanted to draw Swamp Thing. Which he clearly excels at as you’ll see. So we talked to ST’s creative team and they were happy to oblige a crossover. Charles Soule jumped right on it. It also worked out nicely with giving Jesus Saiz a chance to show off his skills at drawing ocean life in Swamp Thing. It’s an art win all around.

CV: Is this a team we could see together again in the future?

JP: Easily. I don’t know if they’d consider themselves a team, but I think it’s likely they’ll have to deal with each other more.

CV: The best way to describe your run on AQUAMAN, so far, is fun. When you took over this book, what was your primary goal?

JP: I want it to have it’s own feel and sense of adventure that isn’t like any other book. And I want readers to realize that even with being a king and a member of the Justice League, Aquaman is very relatable.

CV: A few issues ago, we saw Aquaman fighting the Karaqan. Are there other creatures from the depth coming to fight Aquaman in the future?

JP: Yes, but in a strange way, the Karaqan is also coming back when we meet Aquaman’s deadliest challenger, The Chimera.

CV: Going along with that, the Triton story line seems to have taken a bit of a backseat while Aquaman was off fighting Hercules. How soon before we get back to that?

JP: It’s very soon. Triton isn’t something that’s going away, it’s like the ISS underwater, representing the people of the land in the oceans. The International Sea Station!

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CV: Both Mera and Aquaman are having their own, separate adventures in this book. What made you want to split them up?

JP: I feel it makes it like a real relationship- the duties of being a super hero and a leader of a country are really too much for any one person, and Mera is more than happy to rise to the occasion. It starts to change the way the people of Atlantis view her, and connects to stories coming up. And of course, gives her a chance to shine on her own- I think she’s a fantastic character and inspiring hero.

CV: In July, Annual #2 is coming out, and it seems to be a continuation of the Hercules story line, but this time Wonder Woman is involved. What more can you tell us about that issue?

JP: The release of the Giant-Born is a terrifying problem, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are not going to leave that unresolved. It’s a good thing, as we find out the creatures are up to some really nasty stuff in Europe.

And to connect to the earlier point, Mera also gets in on this- you can’t stop her.

CV: What's your favorite part about writing this character and this series?

JP: I like that there’s a constant drive for discovery happening in the book. Aquaman is essentially always on a quest, and it’s very interesting to pursue.

Thanks again to Jeff Parker and make sure to check out the meeting between Aquaman and Swamp Thing in AQUAMAN #31, available now at your LCS.