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Interview: James Robinson Talks EARTH 2, Death of Lois Lane and More

The SHADE writer reveals his plans for his EARTH 2 Justice League on our latest podcast.

If you are a frequent listener of the Comic Vine podcast then you may recall that we promised you DC writer James Robinson's appearance on our show this past Friday. If you listened to our latest podcast, however, you probably noticed his absence. Okay, funny story. James came into the office, sat down and got all ready to take some of your questions. Now, usually, James receives a lot of questions from fans and comic book readers wanting to gain some insight into the industry; but this week we saw a huge increase in the number of questions and many of them had to do with the death of EARTH 2 Lois Lane, announced earlier that day by DC Editor Pat McCallum.

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Clearly, the death of one of the most iconic female characters at DC Comics is sort of big news, so when we asked James about it he wasn't quite sure how much he could reveal. In the end it was best for both parties to scrap the first podcast and to re-record on Monday morning, after the storm had quieted down and James had a better idea of how much he could discuss. The good news? We were able to gain a lot more insight and information regarding the launch of EARTH 2 starting this May the second time around than we had initially. So, without further ado, we are happy to present a special edition of the Comic Vine podcast where James Robinson answers all of your user submitted questions. We hope that he is able to bring some light to the recent controversy and quell the nervous fears of many Lois Lane fans.

Here is a link to the latest Comic Vine podcast. Enjoy!