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Interview: James Robinson Discusses EARTH 2's "Last Amazon" And More

We speak to James about his current DC title, when he'll be creating a definitive EARTH 2 Justice League team and much more.

Earlier this week we got to sit down and ask comics writer James Robinson about his current series EARTH 2 at DC. During the discussion we spoke to James about the characters that have been appearing in the current series, what other characters we can expect to see in the series as well as what the role of Earth 2's "Last Amazon" will be. Check out the full extent of the interview below and be sure to tune into our podcast on Friday, December 7th for a more in-depth discussion with James about EARTH 2 and his upcoming projects.

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Comic Vine: We caught a glimpse at EARTH 2's "Last Amazon" back in September when DC teased her cover image where she is standing with Steppenwolf. When are you planning to reveal to readers who she is?

James Robinson: In issue #8.

CV: In the last few issues of EARTH 2 we've been introduced to many characters but haven't really seen them come together to form a proper team. Do you have any plans to establish a team with these characters?

JR: Of course but my thing is that if they all come together immediately…I mean, I've seen that over and over and it feels like every other book. Isn't it more fun to have them come to terms with the fact that they do need these other people, and they [Alan Scott] aren't invulnerable. Like I said somewhere else, the arc of his personal journey over the next six months, will be finding his own vulnerability while coming to terms with his vulnerability. So yes I do plan on creating a team but it's something I want to have fun with instead of doing it immediately.

CV: What can you say about who will be joining the team?

JR: Well, if you want specific people it's obviously going to be Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and The Flash. Then eventually we're going to be seeing Dr. Fate and Wildcat. But then around that "team" that you see operating we'll see characters in the World Army and Mr. Terrific and etcetera. So although [I'm] building a core group of heroes, there will be other heroes who will be operating and having their ongoing story lines and everything else. I'm trying to give this book a little bit more of a feel of STARMAN where there was the main storyline but we also had these other characters and their [own] plots and they will all converge into one story line which is what I did then. So I'm trying to take this kind of approach as opposed what I did in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA where there was a lot of team stuff and fighting and I don't know whether it was my best work or it was really true to the kind of writer that I am so I'm trying to fix that by making a book that combines my skill set with something that's exciting.

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CV: What is The Last Amazon's connection to Steppenwolf?

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JR: The Fury's connection to Steppenwolf is that she has been trained by him from a young age in the martial arts of Apokolips. She is from Earth and there is a link between her and Amazon Island. I am referring to Amazon Island on Earth 2 not Paradise Island, you should note that. The first seeds are sown in issue 8 where we are introduced to Fury and we learn a bit more about her past and her connection to Amazon Island and how that connects to Steppenwolf…Fury helps Steppenwolf as his assistant. I should mention I am very happy with Fury's design and want to mention that issue #7 and issue #8 [her first appearance] are penciled by artist Yildiray Cinar.

CV: When you say she's been trained from an early age by Steppenwolf would you say she's been manipulated or would you say she's working with him voluntarily?

JR: Well, she thinks it's her choice but you'll realize there is manipulation. Her realizing that will take some time and it will be a part of a story arc in the future.

CV: The images we were sent where she is fighting with Steppenwolf, are those training sequences?

JR: The scene is she and Steppenwolf fighting side by side against a common foe in different locations.

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CV: How do you plan on bringing Steppenwolf back to EARTH 2? What can you say about any plans you may have to integrate his character back into the story?

JR: Well in issue one Batman destroyed the palace, he actually destroyed the ability to create Boom Tubes on Earth 2. That means that Steppenwolf, the Parademons and war criminals are stuck on the outskirts of the world. Now he is stuck on this planet and he's trying to make that work for him. What this is is part of a long-term strategy that he's been forming, and we'll see that develop in future story-lines.

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CV: Do you foresee a connection being made between the current events in DC's Earth Prime and the universe you're creating on EARTH 2?

JR: Absolutely. It will happen. I don't know how far away, what month or when it will happen but we're definitely beginning to lay seeds now for when it does.

CV: How do you view Steppenwolf? His motives and ambitions?

JR: I've always seen him as a military strategist, like a genius. I've always imagined him like Rommel [Erwin Rommel] who fought in North Africa of the Germans [WWII]. He's a man that had always served Darkseid, but now he's on his own and he realizes he's going to have to think for himself. It's him crafting a plan that will work for him. As I've said before, the way I've always regarded him is like this barbarian who is still intelligent and quite eloquent. I've always modeled him in my mind after Basil Rathbone from the 'Mask of Zorro' which I'm sure you've seen. Rathbone was this brilliant swordsman and even though he's evil you almost sort of like him because he's just this very eloquent guy.

CV: Was it a coincidence that we saw Orion appear in Wonder Woman and now we have Steppenwolf in EARTH 2? Was that something you had planned?

JR: It was sort of a happy accident but since then things…it's certainly a plot line…definitely a coincidence we'll be kicking around in the near future and that's all I can say.

What do you thin of James Robinson's EARTH 2 book so far? Have you been enjoying the series? What do you think of the 'Last Amazon'? Are you looking forward to seeing Fury's first appearance in EARTH 2 #8? Are you enjoying reading the gradual creation of this EARTH 2 Justice League team?

Avatar image for ccraft
Posted By ccraft

I havent been reading, but with the podcasts and other articles.. I'm very interested in picking up the tpb

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Posted By xtremekidx

IS JR FINALLY COMING BACK TO THE PODCAST??????????????YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! cant wait for james to have fun with sara!!

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Posted By SmashBrawler

Earth 2 has been great and I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm especially looking forward to the return of Dr. Fate and Wildcat.

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Posted By Or35ti

One of my favorite series just got even more exciting! I can't wait to see Wildcat and Dr. Fate in action

Avatar image for press_oblivion
Posted By Press Oblivion

I like the Earth 2 Series a lot! It seems like James has a lot of freedom to create as he pleases and that's cool.

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Posted By whitelantern64

Maybe Fury can be Donna Troy and thus give her life in this series even if she isn't in the main DCU new 52 universe.

Avatar image for impossibilly
Posted By impossibilly

I have been enjoying Earth 2 tremendously. It's consistently one of my favorite comics each month. I can't wait for issue #8. I'm really enjoying the slow-build James is giving us. Unlike a lot of current long form series, I feel like James is giving us a full script each month and isn't padding things. I never feel like "Oh, this could have been done in 5 pages" after reading an issue of Earth 2.

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Posted By Psycho_Soldier

it definetively needs a spin off

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Posted By cloudzackvincent

Sounds really exciting, and this interview actually gave us some insight.... Thanks JR

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Edited By Batnandez

Small typo Babs, thin/think. Just thought I would let you know.

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Posted By SolthesunGod

Kind of disappointed that's it's been pretty much confirmed that the Amazon won't be Lyta Trevor. Still enjoying Earth 2 so I'll pick this up regardless.

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Edited By SolthesunGod

Has the podcast already been recorded then or can we still send in questions for James?

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Posted By Azrael66

That panel with the dude being skewered by the battle axe is awesome.

Avatar image for neiliusprime
Posted By neiliusprime

Earth 2 has been pretty good. Its good to know the James Robinson is gonna get more superheroes involved soon.

Avatar image for gothamred
Posted By GothamRed

Is this Fury Helena Kosmatos, Lyta Trevor, or Donna Troy? To be honest I only guess the third based on the hair, cause I don't get the need to change it for Helena or Lyta. Did they look at DC's line-Up and feel that they didn't have enough heroes with black hair? If it is Donna then I guess Cool.

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Posted By No_Name_

@SolthesunGod said:

Has the podcast already been recorded then or can we still send in questions for James?

You can still send questions for James

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Posted By TheRyanHimself

I really hope Wildcat isn't made younger. I really, really, really hope he isn't.

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Posted By SolthesunGod

@Babs said:

@SolthesunGod said:

Has the podcast already been recorded then or can we still send in questions for James?

You can still send questions for James

Thanks for the response Sara.

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Posted By No_Name_

@SolthesunGod: No problem.

We're going to be holding the podcast today so please send us your questions.

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Posted By Dedpool

From that cover and her gear I'm going to say it's Barda! And the fact that she's with Steppenwolf kind a clues me to that. This is a book i will definitely be reading. I really think DC should just have an Elseworlds series that does 6 issue arcs that revolve around different worlds.

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Posted By Delphic

I unfortunately stopped reading due to budget constraints, but I will definitely be picking up issue 8. I'm very interested in the story of Fury and where they will go with her, but now that I know Doctor Fate will be appearing in the future I am absolutely stoked.

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Posted By No_Name_

Any more questions? We're recording now.

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Posted By Sifighter

I love Earth 2, it is a really good comic book that is a good read for the replacement of the JSA comic. I really do love alternate reality comics because it shows us the characters we know and love but with diffrent qualites to them gives some intresting stories that the normal universe versions of those charcaters would never have to deal with. It's why i love Ultimate comics x-men and this series.
Avatar image for lifeboy
Edited By lifeboy

I will be listening to the podcast. Jr did good last time he was on. Also I have a subscription to earth 2. I am excited for the amazon appearance. Also the pencils are fantastic on these pictures:-)

Avatar image for oedipus_rex
Posted By Oedipus_Rex

I must have missed something. Since when is Earth 2's team going to be called the Justice League? Why won't it be the Justice Society?

Avatar image for br_havoc
Posted By BR_Havoc

So far I have found myself not being able to get into Earth 2 and I just can't put my finger what it is about it. I like the writer it just feels like something is missing in my opinion.

As for the Amazon I think it will be Donna Troy.

Avatar image for colonyofcells
Posted By colonyofcells

The New Earth 2 has Power Girl and Huntress so it is no surprise that it has Fury also. Maybe the New Earth 2 Fury is the daughter of Wonder Woman. As for Donna Troy, my guess is Donna is still hanging out with Wally West somewhere.

Avatar image for david_maurer
Posted By david_maurer

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

My guess as to her identity? Big Barda. :)

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Posted By Miss_Garrick

"I've always modeled him in my mind after Basil Rathbone from the 'Mask of Zorro' which I'm sure you've seen. Rathbone was this brilliant swordsman and even though he's evil you almost sort of like him because he's just this very eloquent guy."

Someone besides me thinks Basil Rathbone is cool?!? JAMES ROBINSON, I MUST HUG YOU!!

Avatar image for redheadedatrocitus
Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Please just call them Justice Society...League belongs on Earth 0 teams. As for Fury and her manipulation and all that, I am intrigued by her and wonder if we shall see Barda as part of the equation somewhere.

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Posted By nappystr8

Until JLA starts, Earth 2 has serving as my Justice League substitute book. It's had it's ups and downs in the Grundy arc but it is consistently better than JL. I really loved issue 7 however, watching Alan Scott start to break down and Khan vs. Sloan was awesome. I'm finally starting to see how this series will be more than just a team book, and I'm excited for issue #8 and will probably keep with the series long after JLA begins.

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Edited By modunhanul

Starman is joining the team? Awesome! I wonder which Starman James Robinson choose.

Avatar image for zaleos
Posted By Zaleos

Am I the only one who thinks The Last Amazon has a better design than Wonder Woman (both classic and reboot)?

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Posted By cloudzackvincent

can't wait for #8

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Posted By fps_dean

Earth 2 has been really good so far, clearly taking the time to build up the universe and its characters, and I've been loving it so far. Having the "last amazon" just gives us something else to look forward to. I'm also glad they are not rushing the story along either, and are taking the time to build up the characters. I have a feeling when something huge breaks out, it will be worth it.

Also, love the artwork.

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Posted By Perfect 10

now that we have some color on her Fury looks like Donna. it would be a great way to reintroduce her with all the crazy "magical clone" mess but since she has a whip and is a female fury from apokolips, could she be Lashina?

Avatar image for colonyofcells
Posted By colonyofcells

The Female Furies are all interesting characters created by Jack Kirby and probably still separate characters from this new rebooted earth 2 Fury and my guess is this earth 2 Fury is still the daughter of Wonder Woman and was trained by the Female Furies. I don't believe Donna Troy will show up on earth 2.