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Interview: Ian Flynn Talks SONIC THE HEDGEHOG's 'Countdown to Chaos'

There's been some changes for Sonic since the 'Worlds Collide' crossover with Mega Man. Find out what's coming next.

In recent months we witnessed the big crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. Worlds Collide may be over but it resulted in some changes in their individual worlds.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #253 is on sale this week and we asked writer Ian Flynn some questions about what we can expect in the new story arc, Countdown to Chaos.

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Comic Vine: With the Sonic/Mega Man crossover over, we saw in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #252 that things aren't quite as they were before it started. What will this mean for Sonic?

Ian Flynn: It means a lot for the little blue hedgehog. It means a lot of things he took for granted are different or gone now. It means lots of new adventures, new faces, and new locations to explore.

CV: Where did the decision come to have actual repercussions after the crossover instead of just starting a new adventure?

IF: In our last major event, Sonic: Genesis, we did a temporary rewrite of the world. When we returned to the status quo, the main complaint from fans was a lack of repercussions. After the major shake-up that was the Worlds Collide crossover, we knew we couldn’t play it safe this second time around.

CV: How much has changed in the SONIC universe now? How was it decided what would change or stay the same?

IF: That’s one of the big questions going into the next story arc, Countdown to Chaos. There were some elements we knew couldn’t be cut – like the main cast Freedom Fighters. But the world itself sorely needed to be updated to mesh with the look and tone of the franchise today. It all came together to create the current vision for the Sonic books.

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CV: What can we expect in Countdown to Chaos?

IF: Lots of action, lots of adventure, and a mystery that builds to a truly earth-shattering development. We’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces, but in new ways, and some bittersweet moments as the cast is reassembled.

CV: Will we see more of characters like Tails Doll and Sally Acorn soon?

IF: There was a huge battle with Tails Doll in Sonic the Hedgehog #252, and the outcome of that battle, SPOILER ALERT, resulted in its defeat! For now, anyway. But we’ll definitely be seeing more of Sally.

CV: What can you tell us about the Freedom Fighters? Will the team be complete by the end of the arc?

IF: Before the crossover, the team fell on hard times and was pretty thoroughly deconstructed. Sonic’s main goal now is to get the band back together (and save the world while he’s at it). We’ll be spending time with each of the Freedom Fighters and discovering what’s new and what’s familiar about each of them.

CV: We'll be seeing the debut of Bunnie Rabbot as well. How much of a role will these characters play in future issues?

IF: Bunnie’s a mainstay, but you could also argue this entire story arc is about “debuting” the Freedom Fighters all over again. When last we left her, she was stripped of her robotic powers and went missing – So when we see her again in Countdown to Chaos there will be changes!

CV: Will anyone besides Sonic and Tails be aware that reality has been changed?

IF: That’s a big part of the story arc. You’ll just have to read to see who remembers what.

CV: You're probably still recuperating but any thoughts to another crossover event?

IF: We’re already hammering out some separate plans over in “Mega Man.” I’d love for the Blue Bomber and Blue Blur to get another chance to work together. I’d also be game for just about any other franchise team-up. Sonic and Mario, anyone? Let the game companies know what you want to see next!

That would indeed be something!
Check out the rest of the preview for SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #253, on sale this week, October 2.

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