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Interview: Gerry Duggan talks Deadpool's Upcoming Wedding

Seriously, how is this happening?

All this week we've been seeing puzzle piece teasers from Marvel. A wedding is headed our way in April. There were a lot of guesses as to who could possibly be getting married. It turns out it's actually going to be Deadpool. For real. Deadpool will be getting married in DEADPOOL #27.

To try to find out more, we had the chance to ask DEADPOOL co-writer, Gerry Duggan, some questions earlier this week.

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COMIC VINE: First of all, how is this happening? Is Deadpool blackmailing someone? Did someone lose a bet?

GERRY DUGGAN: It certainly does seem like this poor, mysterious woman will be in for a rough time. Or maybe Deadpool is the one in for it. Two people are joining their hearts together for the rest of their lives, so somebody is bound to get hurt. The how and why of it will become clear in the coming weeks and months.

CV: Is this going to be a short-lived marriage or something that you guys will explore in the coming months?

GD: After the events in North Korea, Deadpool tries to resume his "normal life". He fails. DEADPOOL #25 is a bit of an emotional reckoning for him. He's had so much taken from him by Butler...the experiments, the organ harvesting, the mind-wipes. He's free of that now, and that is almost another burden for him. Deadpool is making (and keeping) new memories now, and he wants to move his life in a new direction. His bride is an attempt to move away from his painful past and into a future that he feels comfortable and secure in. However, just as this is happening, some echoes from the past will complicate that move. Deadpool will have even more troubles to deal with. I will say - I love the reason Deadpool's own reasoning for entering into this marriage.

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CV: I kind of hate to ask but will we see any sort of honeymoon for Deadpool?

GD: Scott Koblish is hard at work on one now for publication in DEADPOOL #28, it is not an inventory issue of course, but it has the heart and soul of one. I'm particularly proud of how that one wraps up. The perfect balance of high adventure, some laughs, action but most important: heart.

CV: Where did the idea come from to bring about a marriage for Deadpool?

GD: It was written in as a throw-away gag in an upcoming tale of Deadpool, and editor Jordan D. White was like a dog with a bone, and wouldn't let it go. 25 variant covers later, and here we are!

CV: If this is happening in April, is it a shotgun wedding? Or maybe an uzi-wedding…

GD: I have to be careful here. There are several surprises upcoming in the pages of Deadpool, and several more that await you on screens this January in the Infinite Comic DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET. Then the wedding issue is LOADED with HUGE surprises. Yes, you'll see Deadpool get married in # 27, but hmm. I should keep quiet...

CV: Will there be a best man?

GD: Multiple men. (Not Jamie Madrox)

CV: Can we assume there will be tears at the wedding? Perhaps from the bride?

GD: And the mace.

CV: Is the idea of Deadpool getting married a way to show that there could be someone out there for everyone?

GD: George Zimmerman has a steady girlfriend. Adolf Hitler seemed to have some kind of functioning marriage. There is hope for everyone, even you. You're good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you.

Be sure to check out the digital Infinite comic, DEADPOOL: THE GAUNTLET on January 15 (the first issue is freeeee at participating retailers). The wedding takes place in DEADPOOL #27, on sale in April.