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Interview: Doug Mahnke Talks Trinity War and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA

The Trinity War is about to begin and Doug is ready to report for duty.

On July 10, Trinity War begins in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE #22. From there it continues into JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #6. Handling the art for the JLA issues is Doug Mahnke, reuniting with Geoff Johns after his long stint on GREEN LANTERN.

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Comic Vine: Is JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #6 what you hinted at before when you said you'd be working with Geoff again? (you mentioned it at WonderCon).

Doug Mahnke: Yeah, this is what I was referring to, although we have a few ideas for the future which I can't mention.

CV: Is it strange or refreshing working on so many other characters besides just GL ones?

DM: I will admit that by the end of my GL run I was completely in the drivers seat, and comfortable with what I was drawing. All the characters I knew without needing reference, and the version of Oa I would draw was mine. Once while drawing some panel in GL I needed a reference, and they sent me my own. 4 years on a book will cause that. Now shifting gears away from what was a fairly simple cast, I have to draw three different leagues and new, unfamiliar environments. There was a bit of a learning curve here, as well as retooling of characters I had known, such as Amanda Waller. She is in shape now!

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CV: How closely does JLA follow JL 22? Does it pick up moments afterwards or does it still have a separate feel?

DM: It is right on its heels, although the stories have their own focus or a detail they are now picking up.

CV: What's it like doing a two-issue stint on a title after being the regular artist on GREEN LANTERN for so long?

DM: Well, I went from GL 20 with 54 pages of art, screaming into the the finish, to a big ticket story that is only two issues long but intense. I'm still in combat mode. I'll have a legitimate perspective on this when Trinity War is over.

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CV: Will we be hearing an announcement soon for what you'll be working on after JUSTICE LEAGUE #7?

DM: Maybe!

JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 starts things off on July 10 and Doug's issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #6 is on sale July 17.