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Interview: Danger Girl is Back!

Andy Hartnell chats with us about the upcoming Danger Girl and Army of Darkness cross-over!

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If you are a fan of J. Scott Campbell and 90's comics, then chances are you were a fan of the Danger Girl series. It's hard not to love the trio of bad-ass secret agents Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle, and Abbey Chase and even harder to not welcome them back into comics. We caught up with Danger Girl writer Andy Hartnell to discuss the return of the all-girl team in an all new Danger Girl/Army of Darkness cross-over by IDW and Dynamite Entertainment.   

Comic Vine: What is it like to bring DANGER GIRL back to comics? Are you excited about the new project? Does it bring back good memories?
Andy Hartnell: Campbell and I have always wanted the series to continue, and now that IDW has released our original Danger Girl series in a beautiful new Deluxe Edition, we thought it was the perfect time to launch the girl’s new adventures. Our excitement for new stories really started to build behind the scenes, early last year, as our editor Scott Dunbier began to assemble the new deluxe edition. We just couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. And yes, Danger Girl brings back some of my favorite memories. From the first conversations Campbell and I had that ultimately led to its creation, to its development over at Wildstorm, to all the talented people who have been involved with it over the years, to the tremendous reception Danger Girl received from our fans, and finally to the books themselves.  We’re both incredibly excited about bringing that fun and high-energy back to Danger Girl in several new adventures.

CV: Why team up with ARMY OF DARKNESS? How will the characters be interacting in the story?
AH: The idea for this crossover came from Nick Barrucci over at Dynamite Entertainment. It just seemed really out there at first, but then we realized these titles had more in common than we thought - the action, the humor, the pacing, the two lead characters who both have a keen interest in chasing down supernatural antiquities - and then we thought “You know what? This book’ll be fun. It’ll be a blast.” And I guess that’s about all it took for us to pull the trigger.

CV: Would you consider doing another DANGER GIRL ongoing?
AH: We are absolutely doing more Danger Girl. There are several other new Danger Girl series already in development.

CV: There had been talk of bringing DANGER GIRL to the big screen. Is that something you are still considering/interested in? Is it currently in the works?
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AH: There’s always been consistent and pretty intense interest in bringing Danger Girl to theatres, and there’s been no shortage of talent wanting to be involved. You’d be shocked by some of the names attached, past and present. These are people making the biggest hits out there. But what really happens is you have a studio that needs one or two big action/adventure movies a year. Say one in May and another in December. And then you need to have your project compete with every other action/adventure project out there, and then have your current talent attached compete with their current talent attached, and then just hope that the exec in charge of greenlighting the picture is wanting to get into business with your group of people on that particular day. That’s pretty much how it works. It’s just not really about which project is best. But I look at something like Marvel’s Iron Man movie and it gets me pretty excited about the idea of Danger Girl happening. The tone and energy of Iron Man is just about exactly what I’d expect to see from Danger Girl. That movie, for the general and international audiences, pretty much came out of nowhere and just knocked everyone out. I don’t know how they finally got that one off the ground, but I’d love to see something similar happen with Danger Girl. All we need is someone to just finally say “we’re ready, go for it” and it’ll take off like a rocket.

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