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Interview: Dan Jurgens Discusses AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS

Jurgens talks about his upcoming team book, debuting in April.

A new 52 story line, from the current run of AQUAMAN , got a lot of people interested in this new, mysterious group called The Others, who each have their own Atlantian relic and were once on a team with Aquaman. This April, Dan Jurgens will be writing the new on-going series and he took the time out of his schedule to answer a few questions.

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Comic Vine: How did you land the job of writing this book?

Dan Jurgens: Dan DiDio was the first to bring it up and asked if I had any familiarity with the characters or thoughts on what we might be able to do with them. We batted around some general ideas, found common ground and I went forward from there.

CV: What did you like about the characters and story from the original arc by Geoff Johns?

DJ: Geoff did a fabulous job of bringing the characters on stage, telling a story that was set in the present while also telling a story of their past. Along the way he managed to define the characters to a necessary extent while, at the same time, dropping hints about their backgrounds that made us want to read more.

CV: What will this first arc be about?

DJ: We're going to explore the nature of the Atlantean relics a little more. Exactly how do they function? Why do they work? Would any individual weapon work the same for one owner as another? We know they were fashioned by Atlan, but there is more to the story than that. It will touch on Atlantis' past while giving readers better understanding of how the Atlantean relics function and what effect they have on the individual characters.

CV: What makes this team different from all the other DC super-hero teams?

DJ: This is a very disparate group of individuals. Everyone who's in the Justice League wants to be there to serve a higher ideal. The Others are more loosely associated than that. Prisoner-of-War, for example, desperately needs the other team members around him in order to stay sane and balanced. At this point in his life, the Operative is searching for deeper meaning. Ya'Wara has no real interest in being part of a team, yet there's something there that keeps her from leaving.

CV: Will this series touch on The Others team of the past or strictly focus on current continuity?

DJ: We'll be touching on the past as well as the present. The team's past is important and vital to who they are today and why they do what they do.

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CV: Who is you favorite member of the Others and why?

DJ: Aquaman is fun simply because he's Aquaman. Geoff did a great job of remolding the character a bit.

Right now I'm drawn to Prisoner-of-War due to his complexity, as well as Ya'Wara, because of the edge to her personality. Makes for a good mix.

CV: How can Aquaman juggle his responsibilities to Atlantis as well as working with this team?

DJ: It's not a problem. Batman can handle Gotham and other responsibilities just as Superman can handle Metropolis and more. Like the old saying goes... if you want to get something done, give it to the busy man.

CV: What type of crossovers with other DC characters and concepts can readers expect?

DJ: Right now we need to focus on this core team. We need to make them compelling and interesting before bringing in others.

CV: Have you created any new villains or heroes strictly for this series? If so, what can you tell us about them?

DJ: Our very first story arc will rotate around the idea of some new villains. This group will harken all the way back to the day Atlan first fashioned the Atlantean talismans.

CV: What are you most excited for with this series?

DJ: This is a unique group made up of a very distinct and interesting assemblage of characters. Sculpting their future is enough to get any writer excited!

Thanks a lot to Dan Jurgens for answering some of our questions and make sure to check out AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS this April!