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Interview: Dan Jurgens and Corin Howell Discuss New BAT-MITE Book

The creative team behind BAT-MITE chats with us about the book.

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The post-Convergence world of DC Comics has something for everyone. The company is branching out a bit more and broadening their audience. Because of this, we're getting some pretty silly and fun stuff, including both BIZARRO and BAT-MITE. The creative team behind the new BAT-MITE book, Dan Jurgens and Corin Howell, talked with us about the series and putting it together.

COMIC VINE: We've already seen the DC Sneak Peek, which was a blast. What is the overall story for this mini-series?

DAN JURGENS: The overall concept behind the Bat-Mite series is that he thinks of himself as a life coach to the superheroes. As far as he's concerned, he's already shaped, molded and developed Batman. His mission now is to develop and improve all the other heroes in the DCU.

And along the way, he can't help but suggest improvements for the villains he encounters as well. Of course, anyone with an ego like that is bound to create his share of problems along the way.

CV: What's different about this character on this go-around?

DJ: In the past he seemed to be obsessed with just Batman. Bat-Mite now has a much wider view of the world, which can really cause its own share of problems. We're also trying to build him as more of well-rounded character, as opposed to the devilish pixie he'd been in the past. He has more depth-- or at least as much as anyone named Bat-Mite would be likely to have.

CORIN HOWELL: I’m new to Bat-Mite actually, but reading up on him I saw that he was a little fanatic over Batman all the time. Now he has more of a back-story, and more characters that he’s interested in ‘helping’ with their problems.

CV: What do either of you like or find compelling about this character?

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DJ: He's fun! Plus, if we get to see the world through Bat-Mite's eyes, we can poke fun at some of the ridiculous things around us. It's a series that can function on a couple of different levels.

CH: I like how fun and expressive he is. He reminds me of the old Animaniacs and Looney Toons cartoons - all the crazy shenanigans, the squishy faces, the ‘I can pull a mallet out of my tiny pocket’ gags - the stuff that makes me laugh. Its fun!

CV: Corin, this is your first book at DC. Were you intimidated coming onto this project?

CH: A little bit. I’ve only worked with small anthologies and VIZ Media LLC before this and not only that I wasn’t as familiar with superheroes (besides the Bruce Timm cartoons) until recently. So getting this project was intimidating at first, but ended up being really exciting. I’m really excited to work on it.

CV: Artistically, what did you want to bring to the project?

CH: As much fun and expressiveness as possible. I’m a huge fan of animation, so I wanted to bring out some of that influence to the story.

CV: This may be an out there question but is there any chance we could see Mr Mxyzptlk in this?

DJ: Sorry, but I can only answer that question if you can stand in front of me and ask it backwards. (Hope everybody gets the joke on that...)

CV: Dan, you've been working things that are a bit more serious as of late, such as FUTURES END. Is there anything you have to do, as a writer, to get yourself in the mindset to write something a bit more silly and zany?

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DJ: After coming off something like FUTURES END and the various CONVERGENCE books, I was more than ready to try something different like this. Honestly, I didn't choose Bat-Mite as much as Bat-Mite chose me. I knew the kind of material I wanted to play with... the types of themes I wanted to explore... and there he was.

CV: Is this a project either of you would like to blossom into an ongoing series?

DJ: Of course! That world is a messy place. Bat-Mite has plenty to fix.

CH: I would totally want it to be. I have so much fun drawing Bat-Mite!

CV: Who is one person you'd like to see Bat-Mite team up with for an adventure?

DJ: Sorry! I can't give that one up! It's an idea that works so well that it has to be a surprise for the book!

CH: If I had to choose someone, I’d like to see Bat-Mite team up with the Martian Manhunter.

Thanks to Dan Jurgens and Corin Howell for taking the time out of their schedules to talk to us. Make sure to check out BAT-MITE #1 which is in stores now. Check out the rest of the preview for the first issue below!