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Interview: Cullen Bunn, Trevor McCarthy, & Brad Walker Talk GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY, AQUAMAN & SINESTRO

From the far reaches of space to deep beneath the ocean’s surface, we find out what’s coming up on these books and also LOBO.

Cullen Bunn is a busy busy guy. There’s some changes coming up in GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY. Bunn is taking over AQUAMAN with Trevor McCarthy and is still on SINESTRO with Brad Walker joining him. We sat down with the three gentlemen to find out what’s happening in all these books.

COMIC VINE: Let’s start with GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY. What is it?


CULLEN BUNN: One of the things we’re going to find out, coming up in June, is the Green Lanterns are going to be taken off the table in the DC Universe. They’re going to vanish. I can’t tell you where they’re going but basically LOST ARMY is going to be the story of what happened to the Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern Corps is continuing on in GREEN LANTERN: LOST ARMY.

CV: So Hal Jordan…

CB: Essentially Hal is going to be the sole Green Lantern in the DC Universe. All the other Green Lanterns are being put into a universe they have no connection to. They are completely unfamiliar with it. They will not know where they are. They literally start the first issue lost.

CV: Even Simon Baz?

CB: Well, because it’s all the Green Lanterns, I have to focus on a core group. Simon is not in the core group that I am focusing on.

CV: Can I ask what characters we can expect?

CB: I can tell you who my core group is going to be. Some of it is a little bit of a spoiler though…I can tell you some of them. I can tell you, you’ll see John Stewart, Kilowog, Arisia, …you’re going to see a couple of new Lanterns that you haven’t really seen much of and you might see some others that’ll be surprising to you to see as part of the Green Lanterns.

CV: I guess this won’t tie into SINESTRO then?

CB: Well, there is one tie in. With all the Green Lanterns gone from the DC Universe, Sinestro is pretty much going to decide, this is my moment. This is my moment to take my rightful place.

CV: Let’s shift to AQUAMAN. You generally write more villain-type characters. Is Aquaman going to turn into a villain? (joking)



CB: No. Aquaman is not going to become a villain. He’s still going to be the Aquaman I think people know and love. He’s going to be going through some changes and facing some new challenges that may shake his world up a little bit.

CV: What do you do to get into the AQUAMAN mindset?

TREVOR MCCARTHY: To get into it, I went and got my back issues and started reading.

CV: Did you get an aquarium?

TM: Yeah, I went and got myself an aquarium. Did a little deep sea diving.


I just did some back issue reading and sketching around, really. That’s how I start getting into a character. We haven’t really settled into anything just yet but there’s definitely going to be a visual change with Aquaman. Probably a little bit with the costume and with some of the other characters, you’ll see some visual shake ups. Aquaman himself…you’ll see. I guess we haven’t really said anything yet.

CB: This is going to be different. Aquaman is in a tough spot. He’s sworn to protect Atlantis but when we jump on, we’re going to find out the people he’s been sworn to protect have turned on him.

CV: What about other character like Mera and The Others?

CB: Mera will definitely play a big role in this.

TM: Yeah, definitely.

CB: The Others, maybe. We just really wanted to focus it down on Aquaman a little bit. I don’t know if we’re going to see the Others jumping in a lot. We are going to see a lot of guest stars running in to team up with Aquaman right away. We want it to be his story for a bit.

CV: What about Topo?

CB: Topo…? I don’t know.

CV: Topo has changed in the New 52.

CB: I think people that know who I am as a writer will think that’s the kind of thing I’m going to gravitate to. You’re going to see a lot of Topo-esque elements, I guess.

CV: Or maybe Topo turns evil and then you can write him.

CB: That’s the thing, I do write a lot of anti-heroes and villains but I write a lot of stuff. I’m not stuck on the anti-heroes and villains. Although Topo being evil might be fun.

TM: The tonality of the book might be different now. I think that’s one of the things we were talking about. Just slightly.

CB: There’s a vibe we want to go for in the book. More of a science/fantasy kind of vibe. I think the elements of Aquaman that I love, and thankfully when Trevor and I talked we were both on the same page, is a little bit more of an epic feel to Aquaman.


CV: Let’s jump back to SINESTRO. Brad, what are you bringing to the book?

BRAD WALKER: I’m going to try not to screw it up.


It was in a pretty good place with Dale [Eaglesham] starting it and Rags [Morales] did some that I thought was beautiful. I came over and was really into the scripts. I like, considering there’s a pretty large cast, there’s an opportunity there with following Sinestro and his emotion through the book. I enjoy that kind of acting with the character and trying to help bring through what Cullen is writing with how Sinestro is reacting to the journey that he’s on to find the lost Corps Guardians. He wears his emotions on his sleeve very much. For a guy who says he has controlled his own fear, he’s very emotional. That’s a fun thing to play out.

CV: What about drawing the constructs? Are they laid out in the script, what’s to be drawn and so forth?

CB: I do usually say in my scripts, “This character is making this construct.” Especially in those double page spreads, I’ll have bulleted lists of this is what the character is doing and so forth.

TM: That’s really helpful for me. That’s probably the worst part for me, even as a kid liking Green Lantern, I remember reading Green Lantern books and thinking, “How do they…it’s got to be the worst thing to come up with something interesting for the rings to make that doesn’t look corny.” I’m never really 100% satisfied with my constructs but there’s another page the next day to make a better one. Every time Cullen suggests one, I greatly appreciate it.

CB: And really, they’re suggestions. I’ve said before, Brad, he has the visual eye. If he really thinks something is much better than what I’ve written, it’s out there for him.

CV: And what’s next for LOBO?

CB: LOBO’s in for a bit of a tonal shift as well. We’re wrapping up, with issue 6, the current story arc. I think issue 6 ends on a very dark note. Issue 5 was already starting to move a little darker. Issue 6 is, I think, really dark. When we go into issue 7, you’re going to see a very different take on Lobo. It’s a darker, sleaker story. He’s going back out into space. He won’t be on Earth after issue 6.

CV: Have you ever thought of doing a Cullen Bunn Crossover? You have four books now. You could have your own mini-event.


CB: It’s actually interesting, with Lobo going out into space, there’s definitely potential for there to be crossovers among these stories and have the characters interact with each other. I think it could be cool. I think Sinestro and Aquaman would be a good team up.

BW: It would be the most contentious writing team you’ve ever worked with.


CB: Yeah, it would be terrible. Of all the writers I don’t want to work with, I’m the one at the top of the list.

Here's the solicits for some of Cullen's books:


Written by CULLEN BUNN

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ

1:25 Variant cover by BEN OLIVER

On sale JUNE 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.

Imagine waking up in a strange place where you didn’t recognize anything, and everyone you knew and loved was nowhere to be found. Now imagine that you are a Green Lantern. The rest of the Corps is missing, you don’t know where you are and there’s not a Power Battery to be found for as far as your ring can scan. Where are you? How did you get here? Those are just two of the many questions facing our heroes.

Starring John Stewart, Two-Six, Kilowog and Arisia, and featuring a surprise guest-star we promise you’ll never predict, LOST ARMY is an incredible journey of discovery, survival, morality and heartbreak. Never has the Corps been challenged in this way – and not everyone is going to make it home!


Written by CULLEN BUNN

Art and cover by TREVOR McCARTHY


On sale JUNE 24 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

Aquaman is on the run from Atlantis! The kingdom he once saved now wants him dead – and nothing will ever be the same again!


Written by CULLEN BUNN




On sale JUNE 17 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

There’s a traitor in the Sinestro Corps who has set New Korugar on a path to certain destruction! The smart move would be to evacuate the Korugarian refugees from the planet, but Sinestro knows finding the identity of the traitor is more crucial, which leads to an unexpected betrayal from someone you would never expect, and a punishment from Sinestro that will alter someone’s life irrevocably!