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Interview: Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers Is Coming to BOOM!

There's no case too big or too small for these guys. We talk to the writer of the upcoming comic.

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How many of you remember Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers? Adding to the Disney lineup of comics at BOOM! Studios, it has been announced today that those furry flatfoots are returning in comic book form. We recently saw the return of Darkwing Duck and now we're getting another piece from the Disney Afternoon lineup. Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers will debut in their own series in December. 
Darkwing Duck writer Ian Brill will be joined by Marvel Super Hero Squad artist Leonel Castellani as they take the diminutive detectives on all new original adventures. 
The show debuted in 1989 and was a top rated show which brought action and suspense to the Disney Afternoon animation block.  
What can we expect from this comic? We had the chance to ask Ian Brill some questions about the new series. 
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Comic Vine:  You've written a few issues of Darkwing Duck now (which has had great reviews), were you approached to write Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers or did you volunteer/beg? 
Ian Brill: I was approached. I'm very lucky (and I'm very grateful) that Darkwing Duck has received the reaction it has. BOOM! was impressed with my work and approached me about pitching Rescue Rangers ideas. Thankfully, things seem to be working out just fine the second time around! 

CV: Did you watch both shows when they aired? Were you a big fan?
IB: Absolutely. After coming home from school I would finish my homework right away so I could catch the entire Disney Afternoon. Rescue Rangers gave you the world you know but looked at it in a totally different way. The characters were small so the everyday world became huge. Like DuckTales, Rescue Rangers gave you a ton of adventure for one half hour. It featured great characters in inventive situations. After all these years, everyone who grew up with this show remembers Gadget's unique inventions or how Monterey Jack would be hypnotized every time he smelled cheese! And of course the comedy team of Chip n' Dale is a concept that's lived for almost seventy years I believe

CV: Can we assume the title will be accessible to old and new fans, just as Darkwing Duck is?
IB: Yes you can. One thing that's important to me is clear storytelling. Hopefully, if I've done my job well, the characters and their situations are laid out so they make the reader want more, whether they are new fans or not!

CV: Do you feel any pressure writing characters based on the fan-favorite show?
IB: I wouldn't call it pressure. There is a challenge set before me to have the characters match the personalities and characteristics we all remember. That's also something important to me. Once you have that down you can really start building stories around these characters. 

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CV: There are some DVD releases, have you recently gone back and watched them for research?
IB: Yeah I've watched a lot of the shows. It's something I do while I'm writing the plot document to send to my editor. I get great insights into the characters that way. I also watch Pixar films like Finding Nemo and Up, which are blueprints to do fun and powerful adventure stories that can appeal to anyone. 

CV: Are you planning on doing single issue stories or four issue arcs?
IB: Rescue Rangers is an ongoing series with the first storyline being four issues, and then we'll see where we do from there. 

CV: I can't recall if it was ever shown in the cartoon but will we see how the Rangers got together?
IB: The five-parter opening to the second season of the show "To the Rescue" did the origin of the team. The comic will be an all-new story, with some faces from the past! 

CV:  My seven year old wants to know where you're going to get the ideas for the comic from.
IB: A lot of it is finding these big dramatic challenges that will bring out the best in the characters. Seeing our heroes  rise to the occasion and overcome the odds is a major part of storytelling.