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Interview: Brett Booth on Drawing NIGHTWING and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA

We find out if the artist is part machine and how many redesigns he's doing.

Brett Booth is a busy guy. It seems his art and designs are popping up all over the place. He's currently finishing his run on NIGHTWING and we just saw his first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Booth has also been doing covers and we've seen some character redesigns as well.

We got the chance to ask him some questions about drawing both series and what else we can expect from him. Note: this interview was conducted before JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #4 was released.


Comic Vine: You're currently penciling NIGHTWING and now you have a two-issue stint on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and we're constantly seeing your character redesigns that are often used by DC. Are you part machine? How do you do it all?

Brett Booth: Haha! No, just good time management! We had some good lead time on NW so the deadlines weren't impossible... just short, no time for days off. I have had to curtail character designs while doing this :/ But it's over now, just finished JLA 5 and now I'm free, free! Till tomorrow.... Trinity War alt covers are due next week :/

CV: JLA is seeing a mix of action and subterfuge. Do you approach drawing different types of scenes the same way?

BB: A bit, I've toned down the more crazy panel thing I've been doing and (mostly) gone back to a more standard look. I try to make every book a bit different, not a lot of time to come up with a 'theme' for JLA so I sort of had to find it while working on it.


CV: Which character on the team (or book) has been the most fun to draw?

BB: I find myself liking a lot of them, you never know if a character will be fun to draw until you draw them. But my fav? Hawkman!


CV: Since you're only doing two issues of JLA, did you have to refrain from updating or tweaking characters?

BB: Yeah, for the most part I followed what was given to me. I did give Hawkman back his chin guard for issue 5. And I snaked up Copperhead a bit more, but for the most part I tried to stick with what I was given. I did get to update one costume... but I can't say whose, it's not the right time yet!

CV: Did you get to create or change the looks of any of the Secret Society characters (assuming they make an appearance in either issue).

BB: Nope, they had all been done. I do know all the secrets though.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

CV: Now that you've announced you won't be on NIGHTWING after #21, are you already attached to a project after JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5 and the TRINITY WAR cover?

BB: Two so far. But that might change. One in September and the other one starts in October.


CV: How does it feel to be the artist to have drawn such an epic Nightwing butt-shot in issue #20? A lot of people have been talking about it.

BB: I thought that was required of all Nightwing pencilers? I remember seeing the Nicola Scott image and thought that was a 'thing' you do when drawing Nightwing. So I decided to do one and I wasn't going to do it half.... baked. I was going all in! .. Wait, that sounds bad... Full Monty?... no... I'm very tired...

NIGHTWING #21 is on sale June 12 and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5 is on sale June 26.