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Interview: Brad Walker Talks GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #24 and Lights Out

With an arc titled "Lights Out," we are definitely seeing some dark times for the Green Lantern characters.

Lights Out is doing exactly what it set out to do, cause some big crazy changes while telling a fascinating story in the Green Lantern comics.

Hopefully you've been reading because we've already seen some pretty big stuff happen. The third chapter is in GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #24, on sale this week. We talked to artist Brad Walker about the issue.

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COMIC VINE: Did you get to see the scripts to GL #24 and GLC #24 in order to fully pick up the tone set in the arc?

BRAD WALKER: Hmmm... I can't remember. I may have been given them, but I don't remember if I read them. I'm gonna chalk it up to time constraints. I got the gist, though!

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CV: How crazy do things get in NEW GUARDIANS #24?

BW: They definitely get weird. I got to do some fun design work and creature drawing. But I can't elaborate, more than that. A LOT of characters in my issue, though. A LOT.

CV: Is it strange drawing the middle part of a story arc?

BW: Nah. That's par for the course. I've probably drawn more middles of stories than beginnings or ends. Going back to my first work in comics, on Batman crossovers, 10 years ago.

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CV: Does anything make Kyle Rayner stand out to you compared to other Lanterns?

BW: Well, being the only White Lantern is unique, in and of itself. He's the only character that can wield the full, emotional spectrum. And he also doesn't come from a heroic place before becoming a GL, like a test pilot, or a marine, or something. He was an artist, and a struggling one at that, which I think gives him an angle of sensitivity, and introspection. That gives him a unique approach, especially considering it's a concept that's based around emotion.

CV: Are there any happy moments in this issue?

BW: Hmmmm....happy... Is there a ring for happiness? I don't think there is. I guess we don't get to have happy.

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Be sure to pick up GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #24 this week to see what happens next in Lights Out.