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Interview: Billy Tan Gets Ready for 'Lights Out' in GREEN LANTERN #24

Relic is coming to the Lantern's corner of the DCU and he's ready to destroy everything.

Villains Month is over and it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled stories. In the pages of the Green Lantern comics, there's something big headed their way. His name is Relic. While we've seen him just before Villains Month and saw his backstory, now is the time for the action to begin.

With the five-part Lights Out story beginning in this week's GREEN LANTERN #24, we will bring you a five-part series of interviews with the artists for each chapter. First up is Billy Tan.

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Comic Vine: Did you have to do any prep or research before starting this issue?

Billy Tan: Not really. Most of the characters or elements been designed. If we need it, references are provided for us as we moving along.

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CV: Do all the Lantern Corps appear here?

BT: I don't got to draw them all but the whole Corps are involved.

CV: Were you told what would happen in each part, in the other series, in order to set the tone?

BT: Since my issue goes first, I wasn't told what would happen to other books. But I believe the creators on the following book would have to know what’s going on the books prior.

CV: How brutal do things get in the first part?

BT: It's the first issue so things are just warming up. By the end of this issue, the readers will be stunned of what happened.

CV: Do you get to draw the death of any Lanterns in this issue?

BT: No. Not on this one.

GREEN LANTERN #24 is on sale this week, October 2. Part 2 continues next week in GREEN LANTERN CORPS #24. Here's the rest of the preview for GREEN LANTERN #24 plus an exclusive extra page at the end.

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Here's the extra exclusive page:

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Are you ready for Lights Out?