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Interview: Andy Diggle Talks About His New Series - UNCANNY

Find out what you have to look forward to this month.

Andy Diggle has a new series coming out this month. UNCANNY debuts from Dynamite Entertainment on June 26. The series will focus on a man named Weaver that has the uncanny ability to steal other people's skills and memories for a brief time. Living his life as a professional gambler and con-man, he'll soon find everything he knows change as he gets pulled into a bigger and more dangerous world where it turns out he's not the only one with special abilities.

We asked Andy a few questions to find out more about the series.

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Comic Vine: Where did the idea of UNCANNY come from?

Andy Diggle: Dynamite pitched me the basic premise - this operative with the ability to steal other people's skills or abilities for a limited time - and I just ran with it!

CV: Is this a limited series or an ongoing?

AD: We're launching with a 6-issue arc and we'd love to continue if it finds an audience.

CV: What is the world or setting Weaver lives in? Can we assume 'superheroes' don't exist?

AD: No spandex, but Weaver soon learns that he isn't the only "special" out there. It's a fairly grounded noir thriller with supernatural elements. You won't see people shooting laser beams out of their eyes or anything like that.

CV: Will Weaver work alone or team up with another character?

AD: He's always been a loner but he's forced to team up as the story progresses. That's a source of friction.

CV: Who came up with the character design for Weaver and others? Aaron Campbell?

AD: That was all Aaron [Campbell].

CV: What sort of danger or threats will Weaver be facing?

AD: That would be telling! Babes, bullets and bad-asses to start with - until things start to get much weirder...

CV: If you could steal borrow someone else's memories and abilities, who would be your first choice?

AD: I'd steal Cormac McCarthy's writing talent!

Here's a look at some penciled and finished pages, to get an idea of what you can expect.

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Don't miss out on Andy Diggle's new series. On sale June 26. Let your comic shop know you need a copy.