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Interact With The IRON MAN 2 Trailer

You have the power, now!

  Then again, I don't know if you necessarily want to interact with hardcase like this.
 Then again, I don't know if you necessarily want to interact with hardcase like this.

Truly, we are living in the future! Forget the iPad, forget privatized space travel, forget that GPS system in your car… the true mark of a present that past generations could never have imagined has arrived, and you can play with it. That’s right, the latest trailer for IRON MAN 2 is now interactive. Instead of simply just watching it, you can now pause the thing and instantly get all sorts of information, images and industrial schematics pertaining to what you’re witnessing.  But don’t take it from me, scroll down to the bottom, check out the video for yourself and then come back up here for my patented analysis.

Seen it? Good. Now, before we get to anything else, ANYTHING… I have to comment that posing as a notary to sneak into a super-restricted places like Tony Stark’s cliff-face condo is a BRILLIANT idea. Score one for Natasha “ Black Widow” Romanova in the stealth department! When I get back to LA from the good ol’ Chi, I’m going to use that pretext to get my way into Capitol Records (so I can finally cut my adult contemporary album)  as well as the Playboy mansion (so I can finally have surely-sophisticated conversation with all the bunnies).  I look like a notary, right?

I can’t help but reflect on how far web teach has come in just ten or so years. Why, I distinctly remember it being such a novelty to watch the trailer for ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS back around '96.  It was a movie preview, playing right on my computer, man! Of course, if you’d watched it now, you couldn’t help noticing that it was more pixelated than the face of checkers board, but that’s how tech rolls out, doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s better that these things roll out in slow increments. I don’t know if I could have handled getting immediate access to information regarding the gel Jim Carrey used to style his hair for that movie, as well as the proper stroke for combing it into such a swirl.

Anyway anyway anyway… no further digressions on my part. What do you think of this, oh ticklishly-interactive Comic Vine community? Do those pop-ups add to your trailer-watching experience or are they as unnecessary as catcher’s facemask over Tony’s steel visage? 
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