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Inferiorego's Inquisition: 3/4/10

Short reviews of a bunch of books

 Today, I bring to you all the books I bought yesterday and read in my spare time. Other foolish titles were not worthy enough to read, but by cover alone, these made the cut. I know how precious your time is and you sometimes want to get right to the point. I agree. So I present to you not only a review, but also a synopsis... All one sentence each... Let us begin.

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1. Ultimate Avengers 5 (Marvel)

The Next Generation: Part 5 of 6

We find out how truly powerful Red Skull is in this lackluster romp as he battles it out with the Avengers, while Captain America fights for his freedom.

Likes: Decent art, and interesting story.

Dislikes: Repetitive, boring, and too over-the-top

Verdict: You’re better off saving your money

2 out of 5 


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2. Ultimate New Ultimates 1 (Marvel)

Chapter One: Thor Reborn

Thor tries to escape Valhalla, and the Ultimates battle it out with the Defenders, with a great reveal towards the end.

Likes: Beautiful art, great action, and promising story arc.

Dislike: The dialogue occasionally comes off cheesy.

Verdict: If you liked previous Ultimate books, it’s worth your time.

4 out of 5


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3. Adventure Comics 8 (DC)

The Future is Prologue/The Future is Now/Awake Part 1

Split into three parts, Brainiac 5 find out who he is named after, Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes form in present day and decide what their first mission will be, and a third story so boring, you’ll skip most of it.

Likes: 2 out of 3 of these stories were great and incredibly fun reads

Dislikes: The last story made me want my money back

Verdict: Legion of Super-Hero fans only.

3 out of 5

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4. Sweet Tooth 7 (Vertigo)

In Captivity Part 2

A bit of history between Jeppard and his wife is revealed while Sweet Tooth makes friends with the prisoners and his life is put on the line.

Likes: Incredibly moving emotionally and distinct art style that plays well with the writing.

Dislikes: The book reads through very quickly.

Verdict: Currently, one of Vertigo’s best books, so this is a must read.

4 out of 5

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5. Jonah Hex 53 (DC)

You’ll Never Dance Again

Jonah enlists the help of a dancer to bring in the bounty on two robbers.

Likes: Beautiful art and one of my favorite stories, and endings, to a Jonah Hex issue.

Dislikes: It’s only a one-shot story, and I wanted more.

Verdict: The Jonah Hex film is coming up soon, so this is a good time to pick up the book.

4.5 out of 5


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6. Demo Vol.2 2 (Vertigo)


A starving man can only eat in his own home, and he has a chilling secret, yet he tries so hard to break out of his shell and meet new people.

Likes: B&W only, no shading, yet the art feels as though it has so much depth for its simplicity, and it is one of my favorite Demo stories so far.

Dislikes: None, but it may be a little disturbing for some readers.

Verdict: Each story is a one-shot, so don’t be too worried about reading them out-of-order, but if you like Vertigo, this is a must read.

5 out of 5

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7. First Wave 1 (DC)

Book One

Doc Savage returns home for a funeral for someone close to him, and The Spirit makes a chilling discovery.

Likes: Pulp characters return to comics in an amazing way, and Morales and Azzarello are on their “A” game.

Dislikes: Batman’s on the cover, but not in the book.

Verdict: You may not know the characters, but this is a book you’ll at least want to try.

5 out of 5

Book of the week:

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9. The Invincible Iron Man 24 (Marvel)

Stark: Disassembled 5 of 5

The story arc comes to a close as the battle between Doctor Strange and Ghost comes to a close with Tony’s life hanging in the balance.

Likes: Amazing story arc with a very surprising prologue setting up another great arc.

Dislikes: I still don’t own the trade for the first story arc.

Verdict: A great story and well worth your dollar.

5 out of 5