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Impressions: John Constantine Appearing on 'Arrow'

How did John Constantine work out on the CW show?

On Wednesday's episode of Arrow, titled "Haunted," Matt Ryan reprised his role as John Constantine from the cancelled NBC show Constantine. Fanboys/girls, like myself, have been in a constant state of illogical disbelief coming up with excuse after excuse as to why this happened. However, on the November 4 episode of Arrow, we got more of John Constantine.

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In "Haunted," we learn that Oliver Queen actually met John Constantine on the island, back in the past and he's kind of like a pretty beat-up version of Indiana Jones. Oliver and John team-up and John tells Oliver that there's more going on the island than he knows.

Eventually, John finds an artifact that he's looking for, but Oliver saves his life because all artifacts have traps attached to them. John tells Oliver that he owes him one, and that actually comes in handy because years down the line, Oliver needs help from save Sara's soul. John comes to the rescue, they do some magic and Sara's soul is returned to her body, so she's no longer a crazed killer, thanks to the Lazarus Pit.

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Look! It's the Orb of Horus! I'm sure we'll see that come back into play to develop Hawkgirl in future episodes. Anyway, I normally don't watch Arrow. It's just not to my liking, but I really enjoyed the way Constantine was integrated into the episode. Personally, I wish there was MORE John Constantine in the episode, but I'll take what I can get, and while Oliver meeting John in the past felt a little forced, it ultimately worked out for the best as far as the story goes.

Matt Ryan steals the show. He may not have as much screen-time as everyone else, but when he's on the screen, it's all about Constantine. Because of the direction this season, adding in the mystic elements Constantine has to offer really works, especially because there is a connection between John and Damien Darhk.

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The best part about this episode is that the door isn't closed. While it seems like Matt Ryan coming to Arrow was a one-time deal, there's lots of wiggle room for him to come back in and help the team out, and as a fan of Ryan's work, I'm excited for the potential of his return.

What did you think of Constantine's return to the show? Let us know.