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Image To Re-Print The Walking Dead Weekly!

Missed out on the single issues of The Walking Dead? Then come January, 2011, you are in luck!

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Like many of you, I too started reading The Walking Dead long after the first issues had been compiled into its graphic novel format. Lucky for me, though, I  got to borrow the hardcover volume from Tony. Now, while I do recommend this particular zombie story to both fans and naysayers of the horror genre alike, I completely understand it if you don't want want to fork over the $34.99 for volume one in the series just to gauge whether or not the book will pique your interest. However, with all the hype surrounding the series and the premiere of the AMC television series based on the books, reading The Walking Dead might be something you would want to consider doing.

So you want to read The Walking Dead but don't want to commit yourself to buying the volumes? Well, Image Comics seems to have a solution for just that. Earlier this morning Image announced they would be reprinting single issues of The Walking Dead series starting with issue #1 starting on January 5th, 2011. That means that if you missed out on all of The Walking Dead fun and want to get in on the brain eating gore, then you can each week starting next year! Personally, I rather like this idea not only because it gives new readers the opportunity to pick up the comic without committing to a steep price tag; but also because there is something fun about looking forward to the next issue of a comic book each week. Not to mention, it is just in time for the new TV series! Here's the official word from The Walking Dead writer, Robert Kirkman.

"Keeping a series like this going year after year is all about creating good jumping-on-points for new readers," says series creator and writer Robert Kirkman. "And what better way to jump on than with the very first issue? Making this series available in single issue form will make it easier for new fans to jump on board and for old fans to fill in any gaps in their collection."

If you haven't yet read up on The Walking Dead and would like to start, then look for the first four reprinted issues of the graphic novel this January, 2011 each week.  Will you be picking up the reprints of the individual issues? Are you looking forward to the AMC Walking Dead television show?

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