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Image Comics Asks "Are You Addicted Alien Probes?"

Why is it some people seem to get abducted numerous times?

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Do you know anyone who says they've had an alien encounter? For many that claim to have some sort of experience, it's usually a simply sighting. Perhaps they were out late one night in a rural area and witnessed strange lights darting around in the sky.

That is a common theme, being in a rural area. Unless we're talking some alien/destruction big budget action film, alien sightings tend to happen in the middle of nowhere.

In different stories we've seen some individuals claim to have been abducted, probed and who knows what else. What about those that get abducted on more than one occasion? Is there something special about them that makes them easy targets for multiple encounters or do they go out of their way to make themselves available to the aliens?

That just might be what we'll be seeing in the upcoming Image Comic from Joshua Williamson and Seth Damoose. Xenoholics will be out in October and you can be sure we will be hearing more about this book as the release date approaches.

== TEASER ==

Here is another teaser provided by Image.

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What would you do if you were abducted?