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How Can There Be Teaser Posters for the Deadpool Movie?

The answers might shock you.

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Teaser posters for the DEADPOOL movie have been popping up in NYC, advertising a 2011 release? Wow… due respect must be given to Ryan Reynolds for not only being able to squeeze this flick’s production schedule in with his other big superhero movie, but also keeping it quiet enough that this is the first we’ve heard that the movie’s actually happening. Hard to believe, huh? In this day of electronic press releases, Twitter teases and spy photos of the set… somehow DEADPOOL was able to be kept wraps until its teaser posters starting showing up, in all places, on plywood walls in a construction site.

Ah ah ah… hold on a second. This smells FISHY.

Fake, fan-made movie posters for comic-based movies are about as common on the internet as pop ups, but this is the first I’ve heard of such things making their way into real life. I suppose if everything else advances, there’s no reason that a niche hobby within a niche hobby could advance as well? This reminds me of that one CHAPELLE SHOW skit about reality becoming like the internet - - remember that one? == TEASER ==

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CHUD’s the one that found these bogus promos and broke down the obvious clues pertaining to their fakery rather quickly. The funny thing is that these posters are actually advertising something - - just not an actual DEADPOOL movie. They were produced by an advertising firm called Fine Line Kreative that specializes in producing bar ads and has actually made a lot of other fake Marvel posters, actually.

You know, I unfortunately never took any classes in the advertising department when I was going to a communication school, so I don’t know a whole lot of about targeting ads to audiences, but I can’t help but snort about this one. I get it that these are supposed to spread awareness about FLK, but I think that’s an awfully specific demographic to target. Deadpool fans… who just happen to own a bar as well.

Then again, it is New York, and that’s big city filled with all kinds of people…

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