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HeroClix 'The Avengers' Toys May Reveal Villains In Upcoming Film

The latest Marvel 'The Avengers' toys might reveal more information about the villains in the upcoming movie.

Remember when Marvel Studios Executive Producer Kevin Feige mentioned that the Skrulls would definitely not be making any kind of an appearance in the upcoming The Avengers movie? We first mentioned it in January and he later reaffirmed that the Skrulls would be left out of the equation. Well, the latest action figures hint at the fact that this might not be the case after all. Images of the HeroClix figurines recently hit the web late last week and they provided evidence that the Skrulls may actually be a threat to The Avengers in the upcoming film.

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For those unfamiliar, HeroClix is a "miniatures wargaming system" that uses a rotating dial wheel at the base of the figurines to reveal each character's power set. Each character comes with an accompanying card that enhances the character's power set. The figurine and accompanying card couldn't make things more obvious, either. Titled the "Skrull Infiltrator," the card and figurine give players the power to shape shift, choose an additional character as your "body double" and much more. The image above says it all, but does this mean that Loki's army in the upcoming film will be made up of alien Skrulls? Or could Marvel just be including the Skrulls in their HeroClix The Avengers gamne to throw fans like you and me completely off? It's hard to say.

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Based on the image of "Loki's army" we saw late last week (above), those don't look like Skrulls to us; what do you think? What do you think are the chances that the Skrulls will be the primary adversaries in the upcoming The Avengers movie? Do you think this is just Marvel trying to throw us off, or could it be that the Skrulls will make an appearance? Do you think using the Skrulls as a plot point in the first Marvel's Avengers film will complicate things?

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