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Help Valiant Decide Its Top Issues for a Comixology Sale!

Valiant needs your help in deciding it's top books for an upcoming sale!

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Valiant needs your help! They're having a huge sale coming up on Comixology on January 14th and have to pick out books to be a part of their sale. There's no better way to do this than to ask the fans. So Valiant asked us to ask you folks what modern era Valiant issues are your favorites.

With three all-new jumping-on points launching in January under the MUST READ VALIANT banner and the MUST READ VALIANT: GREATEST HITS #1 compendium hitting shelves, Valiant and comiXology want to know: what are your five favorite Valiant comic books of the modern era?

From today through January 7th, visit Comic Vine to cast your vote for your five favorite Valiant single issues. Do you include the landmark debut of Valiant's flagsip hero in X-O Manowar #1? The tortuous life story of omega-level telekinetic Toyo Harada retold in Harbinger #0? Jack Boniface's blackest depths revealed in Shadowman #13?

There's quite a bit to choose from here, but we have you covered. Currently, these series make up the Valiant universe: ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, BLOODSHOT, BLOODSHOT & H.A.R.D. CORPS, ETERNAL WARRIOR, HARBINGER, HARBINGER WARS (mini-series), QUANTUM & WOODY, SHADOWMAN, UNITY, and X-O MANOWAR. If you can't remember the specific issue, click the links to head out to that volume's wiki-section in order to help you remember what issue was your favorite.

Your only task is to let us know in the comment section below what your top five issues from Valiant are. We'll keep the post open until January 7th and after that, the votes will be tallied and the top books will be a part of ComiXology's Must Read Valiant 99 cent sale starting on January 14th!

Also on sale will be MUST READ VALIANT: GREATEST HITS #1 which is a 112 page collection of single issue stories and awesome moments from books in the Valiant universe! For those new to Valiant or interested in picking up some new books, there's three new jumping on points in January: Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #18 ("Get Some" – Part 1), Harbinger #20 ("Resistance" – Part 1) and Eternal Warrior #5 ("Eternal Emperor" – Part 1).

So, it's time to let Valiant, Comixology, and us know, what are your top five Valiant issues?