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Help Save 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series'

Hal Jordan's animated show is coming to an end far too soon. Here's how you can help potentially save it.

As you've probably heard by now, Cartoon Network has decided to not renew Green Lantern: The Animated Series. There has been no official reason provided, but it's safe to assume it's due to what the network would consider disappointing merchandise sales. It's sad we don't live in a world where quality alone can overcome profit, and if you're watching, you know the latest episodes have been stellar.

Since then, various petitions have popped up and people are regularly sending Cartoon Network messages on various social media platforms; but let's be honest here, it feels incredibly unlikely that'll make a difference. But you know what might? Buying the merchandise they want us to buy (CN totally has an Orange Power Ring..).

Naturally, I can't say for certain if this will help, but part of me honestly believes a boost (however slight in may be) in product purchases is the only real way to let 'em know we want this show to stick around. We might not get the show back immediately, but it could help make the show return one day.

In brightest day, in blackest night... this show shall not escape my sight!
In brightest day, in blackest night... this show shall not escape my sight!

Okay, I want to help... so what do I do?

So, if you love the show as much as I do, go ahead and support it by purchasing Green Lantern merchandise. Products directly from the show would be best -- these range from individual episodes to DVDs to statues. Obviously, buy these products from official sources -- big retailers, iTunes, Amazon, etc --- not sources like eBay and such. Also, buying Green Lantern merch in general will help prove to CN this is a brand we care about and want to see more of. Your purchase can be less than $10, or you could even buy one of those awesome statues that come in at just around $100. If I was a wealthier man, I'd definitely purchase the Atrocitus one.

"Hey Katzman, why aren't you doing this for Young Justice? Why are you hating on it, man?"

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy that show a good deal, too... but truth be told, I'm still playing catch up and not as passionate about it. That said, I understand many of you are. So, take everything I just said but replace "Green Lantern" with "Young Justice" and bam! There ya go.

Complaining on the internet really isn't going to get us anywhere with this one. If you really want to try to save these shows, then it's worth shelling out a bit of cash to potentially keep them going, don't you think?

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Posted By yo_yo_fun

I hope this works.

I really want these shows to continue!

I'm supporting the series by buying the Season 1 Part 1 DVD though I wish they would sale the complete season. I need the complete season of Young Justice!

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Posted By Ganthetsward20

I'm debating on buying the GLAS's soundtrack on amazon. I'm listening to the samples now. Its under $10 and i like it so far. Anyone else think its a good buy?

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Posted By TheMess1428
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Posted By dstorres

Just bought Absolute Sinestro Corp War so hope that helps!

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Posted By briyen

@TheMess1428: why not just sign the big one everyone else is instead of making your own and splitting the support

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Posted By briyen

@Ganthetsward20: do ittt i love teh soundtrack, space opera

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Posted By TheMess1428

@briyen: I did sign that one. I just feel like mine is a better alternative.

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Edited By Misterwizz

Won't work. Cartoon Network doesn't like GLTAS and wanted it dead.

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

I rather see YJ stick around! GL is good but not merchandise good.

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Posted By sikboy1029

@Misterwizz said:

Won't work. Cartoon Network doesn't like GLTAS and wanted it dead.

Yeah because fan campaigns to revive shows have never worked.../sarcasm

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Edited By Misterwizz


It’s not likely going to work for a show that the network clearly didn’t care for.

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

I agree, but hell I say don't stop there just for GL but for all the DC Nation shows that should be worthy of staying on the air.

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Posted By soir8

As much as I hate to see a good show cancelled, I'd rather carry on not buying useless crap and wait until everyone else gets sick of living in a profit-driven world.

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Posted By sethysquare

@Chaos Burn: exactly. would love to watch a continuation of tt