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Hellboy II DVD Review

Universal gives Comic Vine an early look at the 11/11 release.

Hellboy II Needs To Be In Your Collection

Let me start out by saying I really like Hellboy but I can't say I love Hellboy.  I don't mean this in a bad way.  It's just that for different reasons, I don't always follow the different mini-series put out by Dark Horse.  Maybe it's because it's not an official on-going series that prevents me from keeping track of the different series.  I buy them but lose track of which I should read first, etc.

The movies are another story.  Guillermo del Toro is simply brilliant.  He's a genius with an amazing vision when it comes to making a film.  The Hellboy movies are literal comic books come to life.  I won't go in depth and review the film itself since I already did that the night before it was released.  (You can read that review here).  

In the numerous "making of" features, you can see the amount of detail that del Toro puts into the movie.  As impressed as I was with the movie, there was a lot of detail that I missed the first time through.  Just another reason to own this DVD. 

It's also nice to see that Mike Mignola takes an active role in the movie making process.  Unlike other comic writers that take no interest in their movie adaptions and complain about the movie later, Mike is there bouncing ideas around with Guillermo.  It helps ensure that the characters will remain true to form.  He can't complain if things start going in a weird direction.

Besides the movie, there is plenty of features to keep you busy and make it worth buying.  Let me first clarify that the 3 disc DVD means that one disc is the digital copy that many studios are including these days.  It's a nice touch if you want to load the movie onto your computer or iPod.

Disc 1

There's the movie with commentary (if you're into listening to it). 
Set Visits consists of seven mini 'making of' features:
  • The Chamberlain (2:38)
  • Wink Vs Abe (2:55)
  • Hellboy Vs Wink (2:53)
  • The Elemental Egg (2:26)
  • Big Baby (1:30)
  • "H" Is For Hotel (3:03)
  • Disitigrating Royalty (2:34)
Zinco Epilogue (5:15) is an animated comic that gives a little follow up to the movie.
Deleted Scenes are surprisingly on the first disc.  There is optional commentary by del Toro.  Most were cut to prevent ruining the 'tempo' of the scenes.
  • Blackwood Auction Video (0:41)
  • Coffee Break (1:00)
  • Minty Aftertaste (0:33)
  • On The Beat (0:46)
  • Prince Nuada Silverlance (1:28)
  • Big Baby Montage (0:37)
Troll Market Tour is a cool piece since del Toro himself does the tour.  I loved this part of the movie and watching this feature just blew me away even further.  It's just crazy how much detail he put into everything.

Disc 2

Prologue (by Guillermo del Toro).
Hellboy: In Service Of The Demon gives a ton of making of features.  Great behind the scenes looks and another chance to see things you might not have noticed.
  • There Must Be A Clockmaker (5:26)
  • D & F (18:51)
  • Krauss, With A Double "S" (6:17)
  • Mutations (10:04)
  • Mr. Wink (9:48)
  • Tooth Fairy Swarm (8:10)
  • State Of The Union (4:07)
  • Igniting The Unstoppable Force (6:23)
  • Patterns Repeat (7:45)
  • The Quicksilver Prince (6:17)
  • Underground Bizarre (6:58)
  • If You Build It, They Will Come (7:13)
  • Carnage And Destruction On A New York Street (2:40)
  • The Visitation (3:43)
  • Summoning The Angel Of Death (8:34)
  • All Good Things (7:56)
  • A Dessembodied Voice (6:20)
  • Ghosts In The Machine (2:56)
  • Postlude (2:08)
There's also a Production Workshop (Professor Broom's Puppet Theatre), Pre-Production Vault, Marketing Campaign (which gives a look at all the print and poster ads used in the U.S. and abroad) and a DVD-rom script.

The Blu-ray has all those features plus BD-Live chat, Comic Book Builder (you can create an original downloadable Hellboy comic), U-Control (Universal's feature where you can see making of's while watching the movie, Director's Notebook (a look at del Toro's thoughts), Set Visits and Comic Book Back-Story Interactive Feature where you can get the backstory on the different characters.

If you look at all the features included, you'll see that they'll keep you busy for days.  Trust me.  I've had the DVD for a few days and I just finished going through it all.

Universal also sent us these following clips so you can get a taste of the behind the scenes looks:





I give the movie and DVD 5 stars out of 5.  Hellboy II: The Golden Army is in stores Tuesday November 11.